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26 Oct 2018 6:31 PM | Jenaveve Tucker (Administrator)
  1. NEW ICD-10-CM CODE CHANGES to Avoid Reimbursement Denials(26Oct18). "Effective October 1, 2018, several code changes to the International Classification of Diseases-10-Edition-Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM), will be implemented by the National Center for Health Statistics, a federal agency who created the files under the authorization of the World Health Organization." 
  2. Billing for couples Counseling? (26Oct18). "In practice, insurance companies require that a client be identified as primary and be assigned a diagnostic label even though you are seeing a couple or family. I us ually bill the first session as a diagnostic (cpt 90791).  After that, it depends whether the insurance company allows the code for family therapy (cpt 90847)."
  3. Some Insurers Don't Pay for Hour Long Sessions. (12Oct18). “There are insurers who will not pay for and/or limit 90837 sessions. They will only reimburse for 90834 or lower. If you are paneled with these insurers you would have to get special advance authorization for hour long sessions.” 
  4. Social Workers Informed to Used “New Codes” for Insurance Billing Purposes.(12Oct18) “New ICD-10-CM Code Changes for Clinical Social Workers -- (below Link)  informs clinical social workers of new diagnostic codes that became effective October 1, 2018 
  5. How to Use 90837 Codes (hour session) without Insurance Backfire. “90837 in Private Practice -- This document discusses the use of 90837 and how one may avoid an overpayment request when using this code.

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