General Board & Advisory Board

The GBAB committee serves to keep mental health professionals apprised on developing situations in the mental health world. Why is this information important? As mental health professionals, we need to know what affects our community. From there, we can make influential moves on a local level. The GBAB committee is the eyes and ears of UMCHA, keeping a finger on the pulse of the information that impacts our career. Be the one to discover vital information UMCHA focuses on next. Be a local influencer. Take your career into your own hands.    To become a member of this committee you need not be a member of the UMHCA board. Once you become a member of this committee, you will be able to see the forum link in and participate in the activities of this committee.

The General Board and Advisory Board is the eyes and ears of UMHCA; we are keeping a finger on the pulse of the mental health community.

Does this committee interest you?

If you are interested in helping to promote the mental health counselor profession in this capacity, click here.

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