Legislative and Public Policy

To become a member of this committee you need not be a member of the UMHCA board. Once you become a member of the Legislative & Public Policy Committee, you will be able to participate in the activities of this committee.

Does this committee interest you?

If you are interested in helping to promote the mental health counselor profession in this capacity, click here.

General Responsibilities of a Committee Chair

  • Attend monthly board meetings, annual board retreat, and special meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Designate a proxy to vote when attendance is not possible at board meetings, annual retreat, or special meetings.
  • Support the objectives of UMHCA as determined by the Board of Directors, and orchestrate committee members’ activities toward the work.
  • Manage the tasks and activities assigned to each committee member and ensure progress.
  • Update Committee Action Plan with the current task leader.
  • Prepare a monthly report of committee activities, including newly identified needs for presentation at monthly board meetings. Designate an alternate to report in your absence.
  • Recruit and advance potential committee members through nomination and appointment.
  • Manage service and attendance records of committee members for board review.
  • Keep board members informed as to potential
  • Be the spokesperson and respond to questions directed to your committee for the website, and other sources.
  • Provide two monthly blogposts per year for publishing on UMHCA website.
  • Attend training on use of the UMHCA website, and manage committee updates/progress in that format.
  • The chair shall be responsible to carry out assignments from the board of directors including conducting phone conferences, meetings, surveys, special assignments, etc. in order to serve the membership and promote the advancement of the mental health profession.

Goals of Legislative
& Public Policy

  • Inform and enlist support from members as to pertinent legislative issues and positions beneficial to the membership
  • Advocate for legislation that recognizes and advances the profession of mental health counseling
  • Identify and support laws, programs and practices affecting the profession of mental health counseling
  • Promote the advancement of the mental health profession
  • Attend the legislative meetings drafting bills for the State of Utah

Responsibilities of committee members:

  • Attend committee meetings.
  • Volunteer or accept assignment of committee tasks and activities.
  • Provide updates to the committee chairmen as directed
  • Serve as proxy when requested.

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