MACC Minutes

  • 7 Feb 2024 9:56 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    2/7/24 @9am via Google Meet
    Members Present: Jim M., Adriana Z., Mai B, Rory H.,
    -- Go over changes to DEI Statement. 
    --Go over DOPL proposal (which we will present at next board meeting on Saturday). After board meeting, set up meeting with DOPL.
    --Discuss Cochair nomination. Mai being nominated and voted on in board meeting on Saturday.
    --Discuss Brown Bag topic, Mai's proposed presentation: Radical Healing Psychological Framework. Nail down a date for our next Brown Bag, 7/11/24.

    Next meeting: 3/20/24 @ 9am
  • 3 Jan 2024 10:24 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)
    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    1/3/23 @10am via Google Meet
    Members Present: Adriana Z., Crystal J., Jim M., Mai B., Rory H., Jasmine M., Sandra P.,
    -Shirts, leave to Anne
    -DOPL proposal: Overview of Rory's write up. Present at next board meeting before sending off to DOPL/meet with them. Put through for Executive Committee for review. 
    -Review UMHCA DEI statement. Reflection: How does MACC define diversity?
    -Next Brown Bag: Presentation ideas, send over ideas to go over in next meeting. 
    -Discussed possibility of needing a new MACC Chair in the near future
    -Proposing Clinical Spanish course to local Universities 
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Next meeting 2/7 @ 9am
  • 6 Dec 2023 10:59 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    12/6/23 via Google Meet @ 10am
    Members Present: Adriana Z., Rory H., Mai B., Jim M., Rochelle M.,

    Overview of UMHCA Commitee shirts and proposal. Adriana will present proposal on Saturday.

    Overview of Cultural Competence CEU's Proposal. Plan is to do trial presentations with UMHCA 2x, before presenting to DOPL.
    Someone has to come up with a definition of what Cultural Competence looks like (Mai).

    Created Google Drive folder for MACC
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Next meeting 1/3/24 @10am
  • 15 Nov 2023 11:03 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    11/15/23 via Google Meet @ 10am
    Members Present: Adriana Z., Mai B., Jim M., Rory H., 

    Discussed Brown Bag feedback.

    Proposed idea: Make MACC shirts for the coalition conference for marketing. Propose this at the next board meeting.

    Brainstorm: Go to DOPL board meeting, develop a proposal for DEI ceus. 
    Rough plan: Present proposal at next UMHCA board meeting for feedback, then take final draft to DOPL meeting. Present actual proposal in Febuary to DOPL.

    Rory create a static link for MACC to put into the UMHCA Manual.
    Adriana create google slide for ceu proposal.
    Rory create static link.
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Next meeting December 6 @10am
  • 4 Oct 2023 12:05 PM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    10/4/23 via Google Meet @10am
    Members Present: Mai B., Jim M., Rory H., Sandra P., Kristal J., Adriana Z.

    Discussed recording meetings.

    DOPL meets November 8.

    California requires DEI CEUs, look into their legislation for ideas of how to implement that here. Member in LPCC has a connection for that. Their next meeting October 19, 5 or 6 PM. Mai will be out of town, need a sub.

    Went over MACC Brown Bag agenda and presentation made by Rory. Members of MACC get to attend the Brown Bag for free. 
    Coalition Conference at UVU, April 10, 11, and 12. 
    Need someone to write a blurb for Indigenous People's Day to bring awareness.
    Mai send Rory resources for DEI CEUs.

    Sandra write a blurb for Indigenous People's Day and send to Jim.
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Next Meeting November 15 @ 10 am
  • 6 Sep 2023 11:04 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    9/6/23 10am via Zoom
    Members Present: Mai B., Jim M., Adriana Z., 

    Discuss Brown Bag. Need Latinx representation, Adriana filling in for that representation.

    Preview Commercial *Jim will send that out to everyone due to technical difficulties

    At the conference on September 8, we need two people to represent at the registration table. Adriana and Mai attending to represent MACC


    Next meeting 10 am on 10/4/23
  • 7 Aug 2023 11:05 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    8/7/23 9am-10am via Zoom
    Members Present: Jim M., Adriana Z., Mai B., Rory H.

    -Post meeting minutes on UMHCA website.

    -Discussed the different practices of social work between the US and Columbia; Multicultural vs. Intercultural. Critically think about how we use the term 'Minority'.

    -Brown Bag: Rory has secured Lashawn Williams as a panelist. Day of BB is Thursday, November 2nd, 12-1. Questions may be submitted by the public for moderation. Went over Rory's rough drafted agenda for BB. Need to include Ethics codes we will be addressing in BB. 

    -Adriana's Surgery was moved up, is no longer able to attend the meetings this Saturday; Rory will attend both meetings (Strategic and Board Meeting).

    -Mai will be liaison with LPPC (Legislative Public Policy Committee).

    -We need someone to manage our Social Media.
    -Need to find someone to manage our social media and work closely with Public Relations and Marketing Committee.
    -Rory: Attend Strategic and Board Meetings. Identify Ethics Codes being addressed in our Brown Bag.
    -Mai: Post Minutes on UMHCA website, reach out to potential panelists.
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: Next Meeting is September 6, 10am
  • 19 Jul 2023 11:05 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    7/19/23 9am-10am via Zoom
    Members Present: Mai B., Carrie G., Rory H., Jim M., Adriana G., 

    Introductions: Carrie Graham, CMHC and Rory Hileman, CMHC

    -Discussed establishing member roles. Rory taking the lead on trainings, bringing trainings to the community, sourcing trainings. 

    -Brown Bag projected to be on a Wednesday or Thursday towards the end of October or November. Due to the season, possibly focus on cultural appropriation in line with the holidays. "Ask people/panel a question they've always wanted to ask but were too afraid to ask?". Multiple committees in attending and coordinating.

    -Needed presenter for Fall Conference on Suicide Training, no compensation, if CMHC they need to be fully licensed, but other credentials are welcome to be presenters. Time slot is 10:30-12:30 Friday, Sep.8, 2023
    -Carrie has asked someone from Westminster, still undecided.
    -Rory has someone in mind
    -Folks who present get into the conference for free and get a year membership to UMHCA 
    -Committee members who volunteer at the conference get free entry
    -Location for conference is at the Downtown SLC Library

    -How can we work with other committees, with MACC in the center of our focus, stay on the same page with other committees, streamline communication between committees

    -Jim wants to interview everyone on the committee for a commercial, scheduling meeting times with Jim, show this video at the conference. Content: Introduction to MACC, recruitment, encourage and motivate for more DEI research, DEI resources, at the end: Meet us at the Brown Bag

    -UMHCA Board meeting on the Aug. 12th 9am-10:30, Strategic Meeting is at 11am with food, open to everyone, 9192 South 300 West #29, Sandy
    -Strategic Meeting is the most important one to attend, for next year's planning
    -Rory is attending Strategic Meeting and Board Meeting
    -Adriana plans to attend Board Meeting and Strategic Meeting, Jim on standby (Adriana is attending from out of the country)


    -Brown Bag date set to November 1st 2023, from noon-1, online. Moderated panel format.

    -Interviews with Jim are scheduled.

    -Rory and Carrie are liasons to the Education and Conference Committee

    -Adriana and Rory attend Board and Strategic Meetings Aug. 12th. Board Meeting at 9am-10:30, Strategic Meeting at 11am

    -Carrie and Rory: Reach out to your presenter prospects ASAP

    -Jim prepare and send out interview questions, everyone else prepare for interview

    -Mai, choose a committee to be a liason for

    -Next MACC meeting Wednesday the 9th of August at 9am
  • 5 Jul 2023 11:06 AM | Mai Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    7/5/23 8am-9am via Zoom
    Members Present: Adriana Z., Jim. M., Mai B., Christian R., Lani G.

    --Adriana Z., ACMHC, MACC Chair
    --Jim M., LCMHC, UMHCA Executive Director
    --Mai B., LMFT
    --Lani G., MFTi
    --Christian R., LCMHC

    -Discussed the scope of purpose for MACC: DEI competency and advocacy, encourage mental health organizations to recognize the need and importance of DEI training, creating DEI training resources for the mental health community
    -Discussed ideas for training: Panels of BIPOC clinicians, Brown Bag, Conference representation (if there are tables outside of sponsers available for MACC)
    -Discussed the possibility of advocating for DOPL to require DEI CEU's
    -Hosting a multicultural festival for DEI exposure
    -Intersectionality; include other communities such as the Deaf Community, LGBTQIA+ Communities

    -Organize a commercial for MACC; filming interviews of members and what the MACC is.
    -Organize a Brown Bag, anticipated for October or November 2023; host a panel of clinicians for DEI
    -Mai appointed Secretary of MACC
    -Lani potentially being a liason for the UMHCA Grad Student Committee

    -Committee members establish MACC roles
    -Our next meeting will be on July 19, at 9 am
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: UMHCA's monthly meeting will be this Saturday the 8th at 9 am. You are welcome to join in and represent MACC. 

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