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  • 19 Jul 2023 11:05 AM | Mai Nguyen Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    7/19/23 9am-10am via Zoom
    Members Present: Mai B., Carrie G., Rory H., Jim M., Adriana G., 

    Introductions: Carrie Graham, CMHC and Rory Hileman, CMHC

    -Discussed establishing member roles. Rory taking the lead on trainings, bringing trainings to the community, sourcing trainings. 

    -Brown Bag projected to be on a Wednesday or Thursday towards the end of October or November. Due to the season, possibly focus on cultural appropriation in line with the holidays. "Ask people/panel a question they've always wanted to ask but were too afraid to ask?". Multiple committees in attending and coordinating.

    -Needed presenter for Fall Conference on Suicide Training, no compensation, if CMHC they need to be fully licensed, but other credentials are welcome to be presenters. Time slot is 10:30-12:30 Friday, Sep.8, 2023
    -Carrie has asked someone from Westminster, still undecided.
    -Rory has someone in mind
    -Folks who present get into the conference for free and get a year membership to UMHCA 
    -Committee members who volunteer at the conference get free entry
    -Location for conference is at the Downtown SLC Library

    -How can we work with other committees, with MACC in the center of our focus, stay on the same page with other committees, streamline communication between committees

    -Jim wants to interview everyone on the committee for a commercial, scheduling meeting times with Jim, show this video at the conference. Content: Introduction to MACC, recruitment, encourage and motivate for more DEI research, DEI resources, at the end: Meet us at the Brown Bag

    -UMHCA Board meeting on the Aug. 12th 9am-10:30, Strategic Meeting is at 11am with food, open to everyone, 9192 South 300 West #29, Sandy
    -Strategic Meeting is the most important one to attend, for next year's planning
    -Rory is attending Strategic Meeting and Board Meeting
    -Adriana plans to attend Board Meeting and Strategic Meeting, Jim on standby (Adriana is attending from out of the country)


    -Brown Bag date set to November 1st 2023, from noon-1, online. Moderated panel format.

    -Interviews with Jim are scheduled.

    -Rory and Carrie are liasons to the Education and Conference Committee

    -Adriana and Rory attend Board and Strategic Meetings Aug. 12th. Board Meeting at 9am-10:30, Strategic Meeting at 11am

    -Carrie and Rory: Reach out to your presenter prospects ASAP

    -Jim prepare and send out interview questions, everyone else prepare for interview

    -Mai, choose a committee to be a liason for

    -Next MACC meeting Wednesday the 9th of August at 9am
  • 5 Jul 2023 11:06 AM | Mai Nguyen Blanchard (Administrator)

    Multicultural Advocacy and Competency Committee Meeting Minutes
    7/5/23 8am-9am via Zoom
    Members Present: Adriana Z., Jim. M., Mai B., Christian R., Lani G.

    --Adriana Z., ACMHC, MACC Chair
    --Jim M., LCMHC, UMHCA Executive Director
    --Mai B., LMFT
    --Lani G., MFTi
    --Christian R., LCMHC

    -Discussed the scope of purpose for MACC: DEI competency and advocacy, encourage mental health organizations to recognize the need and importance of DEI training, creating DEI training resources for the mental health community
    -Discussed ideas for training: Panels of BIPOC clinicians, Brown Bag, Conference representation (if there are tables outside of sponsers available for MACC)
    -Discussed the possibility of advocating for DOPL to require DEI CEU's
    -Hosting a multicultural festival for DEI exposure
    -Intersectionality; include other communities such as the Deaf Community, LGBTQIA+ Communities

    -Organize a commercial for MACC; filming interviews of members and what the MACC is.
    -Organize a Brown Bag, anticipated for October or November 2023; host a panel of clinicians for DEI
    -Mai appointed Secretary of MACC
    -Lani potentially being a liason for the UMHCA Grad Student Committee

    -Committee members establish MACC roles
    -Our next meeting will be on July 19, at 9 am
    ADDITIONAL NOTES: UMHCA's monthly meeting will be this Saturday the 8th at 9 am. You are welcome to join in and represent MACC. 
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