Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Sexual-Harassment Policy

It is the policy of Utah Mental Health Counselors Association (UMHCA) to treat all people, according to their individual merit, regardless of presumptions related to gender, age, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disease, ability-level, creed, nationality, or any other factors. This non-discrimination policy applies to all volunteer management, officers, committee chairs, committee members, general volunteers, employees, consultants, and agents, hereforth known as “representatives.”

All voluntary and employment practices including but not limited to recruiting, referring, nominating and appointing, hiring, pay rates, training and development, placements, promotions, terminations and all other terms and conditions of volunteer engagement and employment are to be conducted within the context of this non-discrimination policy.

Harassment, in general, is unwelcome or unwanted, offensive behavior expressed by one toward another.  Harassment may include such conduct such as slurs, jokes, intimidation, bullying or any other verbal or physical attack, that creates a threatening, hostile, or offensive working environment. It is UMHCA’s policy to prohibit harassment of one employee/volunteer by or to another employee/volunteer, whether in a supervisory or subordinate position. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that regardless of the purpose or place of engagement for UMHCA-sponsored function, no one person may harass another. 

Sexual Harassment is defined in federal regulations as “unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature” including uninvited touching or sexually related comments. Sexual Harassment can also include slurs, jokes, intimidation, bullying, or the actual, insinuated or perceived reference to performance of sexual favors as a condition of status in the organization. Conduct or behavior, verbal, physical or otherwise, does not necessarily have to be “sexual” or have sexual content to violate the law against sexual harassment. Any hostile, offensive or intimidating behavior, or any requests for sexual favors, promises of benefits or threats of detriments in return for sexual favors that is (are) based on a person’s gender is (are) impermissible. Furthermore, there need not be a direct target or recipient of offensive conduct to bring a sexual harassment charge.


All volunteers, employees and agents of UMHCA are responsible for the effective ongoing implementation of this policy. Anyone who feels that he or she has been subject to discrimination or harassment or who becomes aware of possible discrimination or harassment by an UMHCA representative should immediately report the matter to a member of the UMHCA Executive Committee or via email.


All complaints of discrimination or harassment, and other violations of the Non-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy will be directed to the UMHCA Executive Committee (EXEC).  The complaint will receive prompt attention at the committees regular, monthly meeting and will be handled in a confidential manner to the extent possible. All representatives are expected to cooperate fully with this procedure. Any representative who is determined to have violated any condition of this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal from their representative role with UMHCA. No one will be retaliated against for making any report under this policy.

Indemnification of Peer Group Agreement

Members shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Utah Mental Health Counselors Association (UMHCA), its Officers, Board of Directors, Volunteers, and its employees, representatives, agents and affiliates against any and all losses, damages, suits, judgments, costs and expenses (including litigation costs and reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or in connection with any claim, suit, action, or other proceeding brought against you, or other such participants in the  Peer Consultation Group, to the extent that such claim, suit, action or other proceeding is based on or arises from: (a) any breach of confidentiality or agreement to be performed by Member or User according to this Agreement; or (b) any clinical information or recommendations gleaned by participation in or transmitted through the UMHCA Peer Consultation Group.

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