Paving the Way

The Utah Mental Health Counselors Association is dedicated to paving the way to licensure for our counselors in Utah. We are structured with committees to do exactly that and help our emerging professionals achieve their employment goals. The better we train our counselors, the stronger the mental health for everyone around us. Below are some of the pertinent duties that directly affect our students and associate-level counselors. Please familiarize yourself with the requirements and note that some links will take you away from to websites maintained by those who are responsible for them.


The Division of Occupational and Public Licensure is charged to regulate the licenses of mental health therapists throughout the State of Utah. They are tasked with the duty to maintain the rules and laws of ACMHCs and LCMHCs to hold them to a minimum standard. When you apply for your license, it is through DOPL that it is granted. 


To get your 3,000 hours of direct and indirect hours and have those hours count towards receiving your full licensure ("getting your 'L')", you must be an employee receiving a W-2 from your employer. Need to find a good employer? Check out our Job Board and ensure that you are NOT going to receive a 1099 form at the end of the tax year or any other method of payment other than a W-2 form.


It is your job to familiarize yourself with everything needed for licensure. If you go to you will be able to click on the documents you need to submit. These documents are maintained by the Division of Occupational and Public Licensure. 

Continuing Education

Arguably, continuing education is probably one of UMHCA's strengths that appears to be unsurpassed in the State of Utah. We try to provide you with as many trainings as we can in the most efficient way we can. We provide some of your annual requirements in suicide trainings, ethics trainings, and deliver it in an inexpensive way. Check our calendar of events for trainings of which we are aware. if you know of one that we don't, please send us an email! 

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