About the EXEC

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is responsible to maintain the vision of UMHCA.

Unlike any other committee, every member of the Executive Committee has voting rights in UMHCA. Leader is made up by Executive Members including the following:

President  Past President  President-Elect   and  Presidential Advisor

In order to serve in any of the above positions, you must be elected by the Board of Directors to serve as a President of UMCHA. Additional Officer include:

Vice-President Treasurer and  Secretary

The positions are One (1) year commitment. The committee is comprised of individuals appointed by the current president and approved by the Board of Directors. It is an honor to serve in any of the Executive Members of the Board.

This committee is responsible to maintain the business practices of UMHCA. They are actively involved in maintaining the Bylaws, corporate documents, the minutes, the bank accounts, history and on the front lines to help decide what issues are the focus of UMCHA.  They  to facilitate the professional development and best interest of members of the association members.

Do you want to be a part of UMHCA's business elite? How do I join and let my concerns, my voice and my professional goals be heard? 

1) Join UMHCA;

2) Look on our Event Page and come to our Board Meetings;

3) Join the General Board and Advisory Committee (GBAB);

4) Serve the Association and rub elbows with your fellow professionals;

5) Show your excitement and committement and you may have to opportunity to add a title of the Existed Committe to your Profession Resume.  

Be at the forefront of the lastest news for your profession! Join UMHCA and apply as a committee member.

Utah Mental Health Counselors Association is Utah's hub for enhancing the profession of mental health counselors.
UMHCA is a 501(c)6 organization.

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