Graduate Students and Emerging Professionals

The Graduate Student and Emerging Professionals (GSEP) committee is tasked with keeping our up-and-coming professionals engaged and connected. From the exams you need to take, the ways you need to get licensed, and all the way until you get to put the esteemed "L" in front of those credentials, we endeavor to help you stay on track.


Graduate with your peers, but stand out above the rest by showing you are a part of your professional organization. Maintain a membership for more than a year and then apply for your graduation cords before your big day!


Keep up-to-date with the things you are required to know. Many of these documents are housed with the Division of Public Licensing, who is the regulating body in the State of Utah.


Part of our path to full licensure is the required exams to demonstrate competency. Learn when to take them, where to take them, and how to get registered to get them completed.

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