Board Meeting Agenda - October 2021

3 Oct 2021 10:42 AM | Anne Farley (Administrator)

Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

October 9, 2021

Board Meeting Agenda

Start:   am

End:   am


I.                   Call to Order by Secretary

II.                Explanation of Board Meeting and Protocols by President

III.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

1.      Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar.

2.      Recognition of ALL Governing Officers; PRESENT are underlined.

Anna Lieber, LCMHC, President

Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past-President

Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice President

Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary

Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer

Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

3.      Board members PRESENT are underlined

i.  Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice                                                                    ii.  Jordan Briggs, LCMHC, LPPC Chair
ii. Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary
iii. Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer
iv. Anna Lieber, CMHC, President
v. Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor
vi. Karen Tao, EEAC Chair
viii. Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past President
ix. Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair
d. Jim Macedone, ACMHC, Executive Director

List of Voting Members who are Absent

  • 1.   
  • 2.      
  • 3.      
  • 4.      

IV.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Minutes

1.      Call for motion to ratify meeting Minutes from September 2021

2.      Meeting Called to Order

V.  Special Announcements by the President:

1. I encourage everyone to support the two Medicare bills currently in committees in Congress. Please see UMHCA emails blasts for details. 

VI. Committee Updates & Votes

1.      Executive Committee (EXEC)

  1. New Projects:  None
  2.  Update of Progress:
    1. Continuing to work on Board of Directors Manual 
    2. Focus is on Fall Conference
    3. Strategic Plan implementation 
  3. Items for Vote: None
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:  

2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

  1. New Projects:
  2.  Update of Progress:
  3. Items for Vote:
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board:

3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)  

  1. New Projects:
  2. Update of Progress (Jim):
    1. Attendee count: 154 as of 10/9 (Count: 151 in 2019)
    2. Income: Almost $8000
    3. Overhead costs: 
    4. Slightly altered agenda (business first, adjusting the stage second)
    5. Masks are required
    6. Parking is free
  3. Items for vote:
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board:

4. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

  1. New Projects: None
  2. Update of Progress: Continuing to enhance business partners and employment page
  3. Items for Vote:
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board: 

5. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM) 

  1. New Projects:
  2. Update of Progress: 
    1. Total membership last month at monthly meeting: 501
    2. Total membership as of 10/8: 617
    3. Increase in the past 30 days; members: 67, students: 12
  3. Items for Vote: 
    1. New PRMM Chair
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board:  

6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) - HOLD

7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

  1. New Projects:
  2. Update of Progress:
  3. Items for Vote:
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board:

8. Business of Governing Officers

  1. President: Thank you All! 
  2. Presidential Advisor Report: 
  3. Vice President: None
  4. Secretary:
  5. Treasurer Report: 
    1. Zions Bank Accounts: 
    2. Checking:
    3. Money Market: 
    4. PayPal: 
    5. Total: 
    6. Statement of Activity (Money In/Money Out):
    7. YTD- Total Revenue -  - Total Expenses -  - NET:
    8. Budget

6.      Executive Director: 

  1. "Working Conference;" deputizing
  2. Deaf and ADA discussion

VII. Other Issues

1.      Open to floor for discussion: 

2.      Any issues not already discussed above:

VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting: 

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