Issues from EXEC Committee for the next board meeting

2 Aug 2019 5:02 PM | Dennis Alan Tucker

(* = to be brought up in board meeting.) 

* Julie states that NBFE is willing to come to Utah and do a live conference or training for Forensic evaluators. They would also give $100 per attendee. 
* UMHCA could also do a conference/ training for supervision.
* Aug 22nd BHWW meeting @ 2:00 pm to meet with NASW, then 3:00 pm for a BHWW meeting.
* There is a push for PA's to do therapy within the state. There is resistance to this notion.  Aug 8th there is a meeting @ 12 pm about this. 
* Next board meeting a vote for $1,500 to allow some board members to attend AMHCA conference. 

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