Board Meeting Agenda - October 2020

15 Sep 2020 9:15 AM | Jim Macedone (Administrator)

Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

October 10, 2020

Board Meeting





 I.  Call to Order by Secretary

II.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

1.      Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar.

2.      Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance

Governing Officers

·         Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President

·         Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President

·         Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Secretary

Board Members PRESENT are underlined+ These should be in alphabetical order

  1. Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., EACC Chair
  2. Jordan Briggs, CMHC, LPPC Chair
  3. Carrie Graham, ACMHC, GSEP Chair, EACC Co-Chair
  4. Jim Macedone, ACMHC, PRMM Chair
  5. Anna Lieber, President-Elect
  6. Terri Goldstein, LCHMC, EXEC Chair
  7. Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor
  8. Bryce Poorman, ACMHC, Treasurer
  9. Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President
  10. Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President, PRMM Chair
  11. Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair 

List of Voting Members who are Absent

Quorum Present

III.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Minutes

  1. Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting Minutes from September 2020–
  2. Secretary to give the floor to the President.
  3. Meeting Called to Order

IV.  Special Announcements by the President 

  • 1.     

V. Committee Updates & Votes

1.      Executive Committee (EXEC) - Meeting not held.

  1. Business of Governing Officers
    1. President's Report: None
    2. President Elect's Report
    3. Vice Presidents: None
    4. Secretary's Report
    5. Treasurer's Report 
    6. Presidential Adviser's Report
      1. AMHCA Update: AMHCA Fall 2020 Virtual Summit, "Integrating Cultural Competency Skills Into Your Practice." It is scheduled for November 19 and 20. I believe it is free if you are registered for the June 2021 AMHCA conference in Las Vegas, $100 for AMHCA members not registered, and $150 for non members of AMHCA. A total of 10 CEs are available. More info at
  1. New Projects
  2. Update of Progress
  3. Items for vote:
  4. Budget Changes:
  5. Suggestions from Board:

2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

  1. New Projects
  2. Update of Progress 
    1. S. 785 - VA
    2. Medicaid
  3. Items for vote: None
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:

3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)

  1. New Projects
  2. Update of Progress 
    1. 2020 Summer Series continues to bring in revenue, particularly as counselors prepared for license renewal this past month.
  3. Items for vote: None
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:

4. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)

  1. New Projects
    1. Website changes
      1. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement (admin view only for now)
      2. Response to the Strategic Planning Meeting comments: Committees represented on the home page
  2. Update of Progress 
    1. Business partners proposal (not a voting item)
      1. One membership per entity (if I have more than one business, I don't get all of them for the price of one)
      2. No banners (its an outdated marketing practice)
      3. Logo on website; EXAMPLE:
      4. Discounted vendor table (or free if EACC approves)
      5. Discounted Conference tickets for their members
      6. $100 annual fee
      7. need initial guinea pigs (throwing a handful of coins into a brand-new water fountain): Key Core Beliefs, New Beginnings Counseling, Igniting Change, Paul Callister's private practice, etc)
    2. Analytics
      1. fun things to know about UMHCA's almost 600 clinicians website behaviors
      2. Spikes in website hits during and before conferences
      3. Passed the 500 mark
  3. Items for vote:
    1. Previously tabled: Motion to allow active, student UMHCA volunteers to lower their annual membership dues to $0.
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:

5. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

  1. New Projects
  2. Update of Progress 
    1. UMHCA/NASW Supervisor Training- Defer to Ellen
    2. UNI
  3. Items for vote: None
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:

6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) - HOLD

7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

  1. New Projects
  2. Update of Progress
    1. Free training for students and emerging professionals on October 30, 2020: Getting the Most Out of Clinical Supervision with Marie Jackson, LCSW. Invitations sent out to directors of counseling and related programs throughout state.
  3. Items for vote: None
  4. Budget Changes: None
  5. Suggestions from Board:

8. Business of Governing Officers

1.      President  -

2.      President-elect – 

3.      Vice President  -

4.      Secretary –

5.      Treasurer Report:

Income $1,524.00
Expense $953.57
Net $570.43
Checking $15,099.84
Savings $1,623.62
PayPal $1,503.04
Total $18,226.50

VII. Other Issues

1.      Open to floor for discussion

2.      Any issues not already discussed above

VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting:

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