Minutes for May 30, 2018 - RATIFICATION PENDING

30 May 2018 7:59 PM | Jim Macedone (Administrator)

Attending: Ellen, Kristin, Terri, Jim

Discussed Honors society and what qualifies for being in the honors society. Ellen stated that the honors society is a designation and prerequisite for attaining that status and cords at graduation.

Proposed changes:

  • Considering shortening the length of required membership to one year. 
  • Use the honors society as a recruitment tool.
The tracking, awarding, signing, delivering of honors kits needs to be as streamlined as possible. The logistics involved (cords, certificates, delivery) requires many hours of preparation time.

Recruitment would be included on the letter to the students inviting the students to join committee(s) of UMHCA. Someone on the ECGS committee would be designated to invite them to the next meeting. This is possibly delegated to Kristin.

Conference discussion:
  • Cost will be $30 for members in early bird registration; $40 one month before the conference
  • Likewise, cost for students is $15/$20.
  • Ethics panel will be 2 hours, IPI panel will be 2 hours for a total of 4 credit hours.
  • The marketing team will present logos and accompanying artwork for the conference soon.

  • Have UMHCA members attend graduation
Next meeting will be  June 20, 2018; the third Wednesday of every month.

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