Minutes for June 20, 2018 Committee meeting

20 Jun 2018 7:27 PM | Jim Macedone (Administrator)

Meeting called to order

1. Approve committee's annual budget to submit for a vote at next Board meeting

  • Conference printing $300-$400 (per conference)
  • Conference Name Badges $25 (per conference)
  • Purchase of DOPL list for advertising conference $106 ($52 per conference)
  • Facebook promotions $400 ($200 per conference)
  • Plaque for the annual conference - for Special awards. Each wooden personalized plaque costs about $50.  Budget for 2 (One for an outstanding member, one for a student).
  • Swag for annual conference : pen with UMHCA logo, pad of paper, pocket folder?  Just ideas, I"m fine with anything.  Here's costs:
    • Pocket Folders:  100 = $30.00 ($90 for two conferences)
    • Pads of Paper:  100 = $85.00 
    • Pens with Logo 150 = $100 (smallest order is 150)
    • https://www.pens.com/site/products/PCT?promo=FREE&st-t=google_pla_&vt-k=%7BKeyword%7D&vt-mt=%7BBidMatchType%7D&product_id=PCT&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=**Shopping+-+Product+Listing+Ads*&utm_adgroup=**Shopping+-+Product+Listing+Ads*+ad+group&matchtype=&mkwid=sqR1yEqwe_dc|pcrid|64769492821|pkw||pmt|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoqeov7Xh2wIVjMJkCh2OqQmDEAQYAiABEgIHsvD_BwE 
    • Printing Total: $1700
    • Snacks: $600 (x2 conferences) = $1200
    • Cups/Mugs: (Qty: 288) - $2.49 = $717.12 ($800)
    • Food can be included in registration
TOTAL budget for YEAR: $3700 ($3670 actual)

Do we want to do a thank you for keynote speakers? Gift bag? Acknowledgement on the website for their effort?
Thank You budget = $100

2. Planning for Fall conference

Only 2 DOPL board members will be able to present (due to conflict in schedules), but we won't reschedule b/c its too late given the site and IPI presenter's schedules.  

Lunch pre-purchased online.

  • Website Registration (Registration plus membership promotion)
  • Marketing to LCSW, MFT too? Kristin will check into the cost here.
  • Other logistics such as snacks, handouts, volunteers - Terri is delegated to follow this. Deadline is one week from now (6/27/2018)
  • Jim will register the board members
  • Add a link to the home page for the Fall Conference

3. Planning for Annual Conference - postponed to next committee meeting

  • Need to select a theme?
  • Issue a call for presentations soon?
  • Use a keynote?

4.  Discuss providing presenters/presenting agencies CMHC CE approval, overseen by our committee? (Long-term idea) - to be discussed next meeting

5. Paul suggested to change the meeting time to a little earlier - He will do a google Doodle to collect data on when people are available.

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