January 9, 2019 Committee Minutes

9 Jan 2019 8:27 PM | Jim Macedone (Administrator)
Attendance:  Ellen Behrens, Jim Macedone, Paul Callister, Jordan Briggs, Carrie Graham, Bryce Poorman, Bek Backman, Sarah Nelson
  1. Approve Conference Facilities
    1. 4 rooms (capacity 93,93,40,40) plus auditorium (capacity 175).  
    2. Fees $750 plus auditorium tbd.  Includes AV
    3. Cap attedance at 175 for now
    4. Approved Jim's map of facilities
    5. Rooms have VGA and HDMI connections.  Presenters will need to sue those.  We will have 4 available, one for each room, but its best that presenters bring their own to ensure "connections".
  2. Approve Jim”s video/slide to show during conference
    1. Viewed the slide show and approved it.
  3. Approve Conference Program:
    1. Viewed Program and approved it
    2. Westminster agreed to sponsor the conference programs ($200 donation)
    3. Agreed to recommend that we purchase colored pencils. 
      1. Ellen and Paul will invite university sponsors to pay for pencils..

4. Tentative Schedule:


Bryce will review it and revise if there are "bugs".

5. Presenters:  

22 needed (could go up to 25)

11 confirmed presenters; 6 invited; Ellen will "invite" board members.



 Committee members agreed to invite 1-2 presenters in the next week. We want to secure invited presentations by end of January.  At that point, we will begin a social media blast announcing our presenters and conference. A sample email invitation was provided.  And an online doc to log presentations was shared.

Ellen will email all presenters in Feb to notify them of their time slot, remind them to submit their slides by March 5 as well as to bring a laptop with connectors (or advise us if they will need a VGA or HDMI connector).  

Jim will email all participants their certificate of CEs after the conference.  

6. Snacks/ drinks: 

Jordan volunteered to purchase and manage drinks and snacks for the conference.  We will ask Julie for some volunteers to help with snacks.

7. Approve Friday lunch:  

Terri has confirmed Apple Spice Junction will deliver.  Lunch = $8.99.  Options: Turkey, Chicken Salad, Veggie.  Badges will have a code on them noting the selection made via registration form.

8.  Discussed use of code words for conference attendance verification.

We noted that the beta test of the code word system was problematic at the Fall mini-conference.  Some participants became quite irritated with the process, due to operator errors, confusion over code words, variability in devices, internet connection problems. Jim needed to manage some of those issues via individual emails and manually keying hours.  Our concern is that these issues will increase 20 fold, given that we will not only have 2 sessions, but 22 sessions.  We recognize the need to keep attendance though.   We therefore agreed that instead, we will have "Hosts" in each session who will ensure all attendees sign in to the session.  During the session the Host will log onto a SurveyMonkey account to type in the attendees.  The Host will also help should issues arise with AV or the room.  

9.  We scheduled a pre-conference GotoMeeting, for all committee members, Julie, and the PRMM on Wednesday, March 13 at 8:30 PM.  At that time we will review the procedures, roles, and schedule.  

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