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  • 17 Feb 2018 2:21 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    Original message Jim Messina 8/29/17 added by JT

    attached are facts for the state of Florida supervision standards;
    1. State policies for clinical supervision
    2. Requirements for Qualified Supervisors
    3. Then the NBCC organization ACS application
    4. an additional exploration of Counselor Supervisor Requirements

    I am in the process of developing a Qualified supervisor Training Course for Florida counselors which I will offer free through our COPING.US Training Programs at 

    Hope this info helps


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  • 17 Feb 2018 2:53 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    Original message from Gray Otis gmail 8/29/17 placed by JT

    Perhaps the place to start is to review  the Utah rules for Mental Health Therapists for LCSWs and MFTs supervision. Also, we might want to check with NBCC as well as other states to see what their rules are (e.g. Florida). 

  • 17 Feb 2018 2:55 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    Original message GRAY OTIS; GMAIL COPIED JT

    I neglected to also cite the AMHCA Standards for Practice for Supervision. Attached please find a copy of the supervision standards. To the extent they are applicable, I believe we should follow these AMHCA standards. Also, the knowledge and skills listed in the document provide a great outline of topics that should be covered in training for supervision certification

  • 17 Feb 2018 2:57 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)


    It seems like it will just be easiest to use these as a template for our purposes. I would imagine the next step is to bring it to the board so that we can get them reviewed and make any modifications as we see fit?

  • 17 Feb 2018 3:04 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    Idaho supervision standards and I think they seem like good standards to duplicate with potentially a few changes. Here is the link:

    It's on page 7, rule 200.

    Basically, counselors who are qualified (2 years fully licensed with a couple other stipulations) have to apply to be a registered counseling supervisor. They must complete a certain number of hours in training to be registered and must renew every 5 years. When they renew, they must have I believe 6 supervision continuing education units that were completed during that 5 years. So I think what we have to decide is if we want to do something similar. Specifically: 1) How many hours of supervisor training must be completed in order to apply. 2) If we want people to re-apply after a certain amount of time such as the five years. Or do we want people to apply and get approved once. It looks like the Idaho standard of 5 years exists mostly because people can undergo disciplinary action in that time frame and being disciplined makes them ineligible. 3) Determine if people who have been disciplined are ineligible and if so if there is a stipulation for going a certain amount of time without discipline before they can re-apply to supervise. 4) How many continuing education for supervision needs to be completed within that time.

  • 17 Feb 2018 3:07 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    ORIGINAL MESSAGE GRAY OTIS; 10/15/2017; copied by JT

    Yesterday, Paul asked me to put together an annual time line for proposing legislative issues. Our board has two possible issues to consider - licensure portability and supervision requirements. It is probably too late to consider passage of either of these issues in 2018 because we have not done sufficient research and review.

    Below is the notional timeline.

    Utah Legislative Timeline for a Calendar Year


    Utah Legislative Session


    Utah Legislative Session






    Draft Legislative Language


    Legal Review – Change in the Utah Code or in Utah Rules?


    DOPL Presentation


    Finalize Legislative Language


    Present to Behavioral Healthcare Work Force Work Group


    Solicit Legislative Sponsoring Representatives or Senators


    Coordination with Legislative Sponsor


    Final Review before the Legislative Session

  • 17 Feb 2018 3:10 PM
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    Julie Tucker (Administrator)

    ORIGINAL MESSAGE: GRAY OTIS; 10/21/2017; copied JT

    Regarding supervision, it’s not too soon to begin drafting a proposal draft for legislation. I suggest we follow what Idaho has done. Right now, I have so much to do, it is one thing I cannot take on. Happy to review and edit.

    We would then present it to the board for further review and refining. In my opinion, the best next step would be to take this to the membership, possibly at the annual conference. 

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