Board Meeting Minutes - March 13, 2021

  • 10 Apr 2021 12:07 AM
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    Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

    March 13, 2021

    Board Meeting


    Start: 9:05 am

    End: 10:27 am


     I.  Call to Order by Secretary

    II.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

    1.      Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar.

    2.      Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance

    Governing Officers

    ·         Anna Lieber, LCMHC, President

    ·         Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past-President

    ·         Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President

    ·         Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Secretary

    ·         Bryce Poorman, ACMHC, Treasurer

    Board Members PRESENT are underlined+ These should be in alphabetical order

    1.      Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., EACC Chair                                                                

    2.      Jordan Briggs, LCMHC, LPPC Chair      

    3.      Terri Goldstein, ACHMC, EXEC Chair         

    4.      Anna Lieber, President

    5.      Jim Macedone, ACMHC, PRMM Dual Chair

    6.      Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

    7.      Bryce Poorman, ACMHC, Treasurer

    8.      Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President 

    9.  Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past President, PRMM Chair 

    10.  Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair 

    List of Voting Members who are Absent

    Dennis Tucker, LCSW

    Julie Tucker, LCMHC

    Quorum Present

    III.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Minutes

    1.      Secretary called for motion to ratify meeting Minutes from February 2021, motion carried. 

    2.      Secretary gives the floor to the president.

    3.      Meeting Called to Order

    IV.  Special Announcements by the President:

    1.  Gray and Anna discussed an Invitation to join a coalition with other states (SD, ND, IA, NB, MN, IL) to work with congressional representation to pass Medicare coverage for counselors. They meet every other Saturday. If interested please reach out to or 

    2. Invitation from WVLPCA to participate in their Spring Conference as part of the OneAMHCA movement. April 8-9, 2021. 

    V. Committee Updates & Votes

    1.      Executive Committee (EXEC)

    1. New Projects: 
      1. We received another request from DOPL to have a representative on the DOPL Board. We’ve been invited to nominate 3 representatives. Discussion opened around possible nominees, if anyone has any suggestions, contact Anna. Gray shares that the nominee needs to be fully licensed and not a member of the UMHCA board. Nominations are due by March 31, 2021.
      2. Anna sent out a survey from DOPL, she is finalizing it up, but there is still time to submit it. It will be submitted March 15, 2021.
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. Terri provided an update on Julie, discussed special UMHCA recognition for her service.
      2. Continuing to seek Executive Director, one application currently.
      3. Continuing to work on bylaws and Board Member manual.
    3. Items for Vote:
        1. Time to vote for the Executive Committee Nominations; Anna has asked Ellen to serve as Vice President. Terri to serve as Treasurer, Julie Tucker as Past President and Gray Otis as Presidential Advisor. The positions of Secretary and President Elect are open. 
        2. Special recognition to Dennis Tucker, LCSW for his service as Vice President, Bryce Poorman, ACMHC for his service as Treasurer, and Terri Goldstein, CMHC for her continued work for UMHCA and as Secretary.
        3. Motion presented to vote to approve the nominations, motion passed for the new Executive Committee positions.  
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: Suggestion made to recognize work done by Tucker Family. 

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1. New Projects: None 
    2. Update of Progress:
      • a.       SB 27 & 28 have passed and are being enrolled. Requirements were addressed and some progress was made to address these concerns.
      • b.      HB 81, HB 93, and SB 41 passed, HB 130 did not pass.

    1. Items for Vote: None
    2. Budget Changes: None
    3. Suggestions from Board: None 

    3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)  

    1. New Projects: 
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. We are continuing to move forward with our work, 37 are currently registered, and are expecting that to continue to grow. Emails blast was sent out, (17,000 people) and the conference was posted in Idaho’s CMHC website.
      2. Ellen will work to get CEU approval for the upcoming conference on April 30th.
      3. Discussion on appropriateness to forward conference emails as UMHCA Board Members to personal contact, which was deemed acceptable as there is no personal gain.
    1. Items for vote: None
    2. Budget Changes: None 
    3. Suggestions from Board: None 

    4. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

    1. New Projects: None 
    2. Update of Progress: 
      1. Working on Tiered model, prices may change, but we have put out the names of each tiers, what they offer and prices. We need to choose the best 4 to start with and there are 2 tiers that can be developed further. Membership tiers were adjusted to 1, 4, 6, and 10 for the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum memberships.
      2. Names suggested by Terri include: Founder (Platinum), Advocate (Gold) , Steward (Silver), and Friend (Bronze).
      3. Discussion was had around the need to vote on the Tiers-Partnership Structure.
    Items for Vote:
    1. Sandi called for a Vote on the 4 Tier Professional Partnership Plan, with the understanding that names and pricing may change as PPAC deems necessary. Motion was called, it was seconded, and passed.
    1. Budget Changes: None 
    2. Suggestions from Board: Discussed rolling this out as soon as possible, one suggestion was to put something on the website, another idea was to reach out to various potential partners. 

    5. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)

    1. New Projects: None 
    2. Update of Progress:
        1. PRMM continues to work on the conference.
        2. Membership update, we’ve gained new members because of the conference.
        3. Discussion requested for what percentage partnerships will get for registering for conferences. Ellen clarified it’s the percentage off the membership price. Board discussed membership pricing with suggestions for 15 – 20 % off for reduced registration costs at conferences.
        4. Discussed setting up the system to accommodate the percentage off for registration of Partners at conferences. Recommendation to keep it as simple as possible. Further discussion was recommended between PRMM and PPAC and possibly others. PPAC already has the approval and may make changes according to their discretion
    3. Items for Vote: None 
    4. Budget Changes: None 
    5. Suggestions from Board: A further meeting between PPAC and PRMM was suggested, with changes made based on their discretion as they have already been approved for the 4 Tier Professional Partnership. Ellen suggested posting group membership pricing and wait to post the 4-Tier Professional Partnership, for this conference only. One proposal was to possibly have these conversations and proceed forward.  

    6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) - HOLD

    7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

    1. New Projects:
      1. GSEP Chair is Open
      2. Executive Committee is currently managing all emails and UMHCA Honors
      3. Email will be sent to all schools beginning of April regarding UMHCA Honors
      4. Upcoming Events: 
        1. Anna is presenting to University of the Cumberlands on 3/18/21 on the NCMHCE and benefit of joining professional organizations
        2. Participating in a panel on licensure and introducing UMHCA to the University of Utah MHC program on 3/29/21
    2. Update of Progress: Previous planned presentations on hold pending voting in a new chair 
    3. Items for Vote: none 
    4. Budget Changes: none 
    5. Suggestions from Board:

    8. Business of Governing Officers

    1.      President  - Have reached out to UTNASW and UAMFT on a collaborative project to work together to provide support & hope for mental health counselors. The second wave of this pandemic seems to be impacting our profession right now.  Continuing to work on finalizing the strategic plan. 

    2.      Presidential Advisor Report:

    1. On the National Level, AMHCA has completed their proposal for the AMHCA Counselor Licensure Interstate Portability Endorsement and Reciprocity (CLIPER ) Plan.

    2. AMHCA is issuing a paper soon on the new Administration’s plan for mental health.

    3.      Vice President  -

    4.      Secretary – 

    5.      Treasurer Report:

    1.      Zion's checking: about $27,000

    2.      Zion's money market: 

    3.      Zion's PayPal: 

    4.      Total: $27,000

    Money In: $1700

    Money Out: $450

    Net: $1250

    VII. Other Issues

    1.      Open to floor for discussion:

    2.      Any issues not already discussed above:

    VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting: 10:27am 

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