Minutes of the January 8, 2022 Board Meeting

  • 8 Jan 2022 8:00 AM
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    Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

    January 8, 2022

    Board Meeting Minutes

    Start: 9:00  am

    End:  10:53 am


    • Explanation of Board Meeting and Protocols by President
    • Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary 
      • Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar
      • Recognition of Governing Officers and Members of the Board 
      • Excused: Julie Tucker, Anne Farley, Sandi Williams

    Governing Officers Present

    • Anna Lieber, LCMHC, President
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past-President
    • Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice President
    • Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary
    • Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

    Board members 

    • Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice President
    • Jordan Briggs, LCMHC, LPPC Chair
    • Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary
    • Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer
    • Anna Lieber, CMHC, President
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor
    • Karen Tao, Ph.D, EEAC Chair
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC, Immediate Past President
    • Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair
    • Jim Macedone, ACMHC, Executive Director
    1. Call to Order: Meeting was Called to Order at 9:00 AM
    2. Recognize a Quorum: The acting secretary recognized a quorum
    3. Call to ratify the Minutes of the November 2021 Board Meeting: Minutes of the November 2021 Meeting were not yet available. Ratification was postponed to the February 2022 Board Meeting
    4. Special Announcements by the President
      1. Welcome to 2022 and COVID Safety 
    5. Business of Governing Officers

      1. President: 
        1. Anna reminded members of the board of numerous open positions on the board of directors and ask each board member to invite at least one person to participate in UMHCA leadership.
        2. Anna suggested moving the February 2022 board meeting online due to COVID. It was agreed that doing so was the correct course of action.
      2. Presidential Advisor Report
        1. Gray shared with the board the effort/Bill by Utah Senator, Kennedy  to reduce the # of associate mental health counselors to 3000 from 4000. This was in process since last summer without UMHCA being involved or having knowledge of the effort. After talking with Senator Kennedy about his motivations, he invited UMHCA to present a counter proposal. UMHCA recommended to extend the # years from two years to four years for  an associate has to pass the test. AMFT joined UMHCA in the proposal. Gray also shared the appreciation of the Utah Psychological Association for UMHCA's efforts.
        2. Gray reported that the Counseling Compact is moving forward.
        3. Gray discussed AMHCA's response to the No Surprise Act, which has included counselor-specific adaptations to the Good Fair Estimate letter. Gray also reported that UMHCA intends to offer a webinar to members.
        4. Gray announced that AMHCA has four open board positions: president-elect, treasurer, and secretary, which are part of the executive committee. The fourth opening is director at large.
      3. Vice President: Nothing to report.
      4. Secretary: Continuing to work on Board Member Manual 
      5. Treasurer Report
        1. Account Balances
          1. Checking: $21,268.15
          2. Savings: $1,624.01
          3. PayPal: $180.78
        2. December 2021 Performance
          1. Total Revenue: $834.97
          2. Total Expenses: -$1,661.10
          3. Net Revenue: -826.13 
            1. Terri explained that the deficit of -826.13 is only for the 12/30/2021 month-end. Year-end performance indicates we are "in the black," by $199.13, as reflected on the 2021 Year-end Statement of Activity.
        3. 2021 Year-end Statement of Activity (Uploaded)
        4. Update: QuickBooks Online Clean-up is in progress. Terri has completed two 90 minute meetings with the accountant and uploaded the requesting documents from Zions, Paypal and Wild Apricot.
      6. Executive Director Report 
        1. Brown Bag -Jim gave an update on the Brown Bag lunch meetings including a two-hour even with Dr. Linton Hutchinson in February.
        2. Jim is still waiting for confirmation from Westminster on renting a venue for the conference. It will not be On the Draw, due to the expected attendance. There was also brief discussion to make the meeting a hybrid.
        3. Jim suggested moving meeting minutes to audio format only. After discussion, the board decided that UMHCA will continue with written minutes.
    6. Committee Business

    1. Executive Committee (EXEC)

    1. New Projects
      1. Jim updated the board on the Phishing emails. Anna reported that she did file a report with the FBT. Jim's recommendation is "Don't click on anything."
      2. The EXEC request that Jim update the UMHCA website with information on the No Surprise Act, and reporting it in an email blast. Both were completed.
    2. Update of Progress
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes: There is a $200 change per month in the cost of Quicken Online until the completion of the "Clean-up." This process is expected to take 30-days.
    5. Suggestions from Board

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1. Jordan reported  that she and her committee are working with Senator Kennedy, BHWW, and UAMFT on legislative changes
      1. Per Anna's email on 12/7/2021 an email vote was called supporting the request that UMHCA would not support a reduction in supervised practice hours. This is was overwhelming approved by the UMHCA board.
      2. Jordan provided more details on the efforts of the LPPC and Gray towards a solution. Jordan stated: "Gray met with Senator Kennedy on 12/17/21 and has been in communication with the BHWW. To discuss UMHCA’s concerns and clarify the reason for this change in law. Senator Kennedy is very concerned about the increase in mental health problems (esp. suicide) and current challenges to access to mental health professionals and the proposed legislation to decrease practice hours to 3000 for MHC’s is an attempt to increase access. Gray expressed UMHCA’s stance and explained how decreasing practice hours would not improve access or number of mental health counselors."
      3. A meeting was held with LPPC last week to brainstorm alternative legislation to the current one proposed. Jordan stated that LPPC supports an alternative legislative change to increase the timeframe to obtain full licensure following completion of the 4000 supervised practice hours. This will increase the mental health workforce by allowing more time for ACMHC licensure extensions due to problems with passing the NCMHCE and NCE. This is timely as I know the NBCC is currently working on revising all of their exams.
      4. Christopher Austin has joined the LPPC and will be working on newsletters and attending DOPL meetings.
      5. Legislative session begins January 19. BHWW will be compiling and distributing a list of mental health-related bills soon.
      6. Counseling compact, waiting for legislation to start which LPPC will watch.
      7. Anna advised about the DOPL board meeting at 9 AM on Wednesday and encouraged attendance to represent UMHCA and the needs of its members. 
      8. Suggestions from Board- Ellen requested that the LPPC advise students at Westminster of legislative advocacy opportunities. She asked Jordan to communicate  any letter-writing campaigns etc. that student's might want to be involved in.

    3. Education & Conference Committee (EACC)  

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress 
      1. Currently the EACC is being managed by the executive committee. Every things is on schedule for the April 29th conference. The program is set for supervision and a second track not yet decided. 
    3. Items for vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    4. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC) President will reach out to Sandi to gauge her interest in continuing on the board

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board 

    5. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM) No report

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress 
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    6. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP) Karen Tao is resigning from her role on the board due to shifts in her job at the U of U. She reported that the intent is for Jennifer Taylor, the incoming lead of the CMHC teaching program at U of U, will take the role. Karen shared about Jennifer's experience with legislative efforts. Her area of research is professional competence.

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    7. Other Business and Items for Discussion

    Although a vote was not needed, Anna asked attendees for their feedback about the change in the meeting structure. The general consensus was that the meeting flowed better and we ended with time to spare.

    8.  Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned the president at 9:53 AM

    Year-to-Date-StatementofActivity (1).pdf

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