Board Meeting Minutes - June 11 2022

  • 11 Jun 2022 10:35 AM
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    June 11, 2022

    Board Meeting Minutes

    Start:  9:04 am

    End:   10:23 am


    • Explanation of Board Meeting and Protocols by President
    • Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary 
    • Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar
    • Recognition of Governing Officers and Members of the Board 
    • Excused

    Governing Officers

    • Anna Lieber, LCMHC, President
    • Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice President
    • Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary
    • Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

    Board members 

    • Ellen Behrens, LP, LCMHC, Ph.D., Vice President
    • Anne Farley, ACMHC, Secretary
    • Terri Goldstein, LCMHC, Treasurer
    • Anna Lieber, CMHC, President
    • Jim Macedone, ACMHC, Executive Director
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor
    • Kristal James, Ph.D, EEAC Chair
    1. Call to Order
    2. Recognize a Quorum
    3. Call to ratify the Minutes of the May 2022 Board Meeting, motion was called and ratified.
    4. Special Announcements by the President
      1. Christopher Austin has resigned his Board Position, which went into effect on May 27, 2022. Gray and Anna will be stepping up to assist in this board position. Anyone interested in chairing this committee, please reach out to any board member.
      2. Anna will be unavailable from June 13 to the 19th, please reach out to Jim or Ellen if you have a need.
    5. Business of Governing Officers

    1.      President 

    1. Continuing to dig down into the feedback from the Annual Conference.
    2. Continuing to work on trainings
    3. Currently planning the Fall Conference, with a tentative date of September 16th

    2.      Executive Director Report  

    1. Looking into venues for the Fall and Annual Conference
    2. Brown Bags will be starting up again.
      1. Proposal to focus on the licensing exams as an option as a training series, Holly Todd was suggested as a possible presenter.(NCE, NCMHCE, & PRAXIS)
      2. Dr. Linton was suggested as an option for training for the exams.       
    3. UMHCA submitted application for Best of State awards  and the annual report

    3.      Presidential Advisor Report

    1. AMHCA conference coming up.
    2. Panel at the Addictions Conference, where part of the discussion was on the movement to license substance use counselors at the Master’s level, the panel discussed how substance use training is handled in the university programs and professional organizations. Gray suggested continuing education as a way to gain more training.

    4.      Vice President

    1. State hospital shortage, Jeremy Christensen is the assistant director of the Utah State Hospital who reached out requesting help to address the workforce deficit. Kristal suggested a panel discussion to facilitate this need and tapping into the various universities.
      1. Board members discussed ways to promote this workforce shortage. The impact to the chronically, mentally ill is significant and UMHCA could help promote this by 1) getting the Medicare legislation passed on the national level for Access to Mental Health , and 2) suggestion to host an UMHCA open job fair where these agencies can come and promote employment. Please reach out to Jim or Anna if you have any ideas. The GSEP and EACC committees should be involved, as well as the PRMM when discussing how to

    5.      Secretary

    6.      Treasurer Report

    1.      Account Balances 

    1.      Zions Checking $29,320.20

    2.      Zions Money Market $1,624.09

    3.      PayPal $212.81

    2.      Monthly & YTD Report: UMHCA_May Performance Report.pdf

    3.      Follow-up

    1.      Zions/QBO error - still not corrected, requiring manual downloads of accounts from Zion, then upload to QB

    2.      Sales tax on promotional items- not necessary between NJ and UT

    3.      Transfer of $500 to Money Market- to avoid dormancy to the state, suggestion to transfer more money into the money market to increase interest opportunities.

    4.      Monthly Bookkeeping

    1. Committee Business

    1. Executive Committee (EXEC)

    1. New Projects 
    2.  Update of Progress
      1. Local bookkeeping resources  
      2. AMCHA Conference, the registration for C.A. has been moved to Stacie Gibbons, we are looking at potentially getting together and having a dinner that UMHCA sponsors.
      3. We are needing to do another strategic planning meeting and retreat, with an in-person presence.
      4. NASW and UMHCA are presenting an all-day Supervision Training on September 2, 2022. It will be professionally recorded and will incorporate changes from feedback received. It will be a standing, on-demand training for anyone who logs on and needs that training. We are still waiting on estimates for the shared cost of the recording where a vote will then be required.
      5. July 22, NASW-UT, UMHCA, UMAFT are meeting to discuss the tri-organizational conference meeting to discuss the goal of establishing the therapy summit for Spring 2024.
    3. Items for Vote 
    4. Budget Changes 
    5. Suggestions from Board:

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1. New Projects  
    2.  Update of Progress:
      1. Santiago Cortez reached out to discuss a number of issues including student loan forgiveness, continuing education, supervision certification course, and the Utah State Hospital workforce shortage. Gray will follow up on these items.
      2. No update yet on the Counseling Compact, Utah was the 6th state.
    3. Items for Vote  
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    3. Education & Conference Committee (EACC)  

    1. New Projects - None 
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. Venues for the Fall Conference, with the projected date of September 16th. Reach out if you know of any venues that can hold up to 200 individuals.
    3. Items for vote  
    4. Budget Changes  
    5. Suggestions from Board

    4. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC) (Hold)

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board 

    5. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM) 

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress
      1. Multiple projects are in the work and will be discussed at a later monthly meeting.
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    6. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress
      1. Meeting is coming up for this week for the GSEP committee.
      2. Kristal and Gray presented at USU, with students showed interest in attending meetings
      3. UMHCA presence at graduations for students was discussed and what is needed for a budget.
    3. Items for Vote
    4. Budget Changes
    5. Suggestions from Board

    7. Other Business and Items for Discussion

    8.  Adjournment

    The June 11, 2022 officially adjourned at 10:23 am.

                Rosanne Farley, ACMHC


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