October 2017 Minutes - RATIFIED 11/11/2017

  • 11 Nov 2017 3:21 PM
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    Meeting called to order at 8:38 a.m.

    In attendance Jim Macedone, Jason Wagner, Paul Callister, Paul Carver, Terry Elise, Gray Otis

    Do not have a printed copy of last meetings minutes so we will approve next month’s meeting

    Discussion on how many board members need to be present in the meeting in order to approve

    minutes and financial update. There needs to be a motion to approve as well as a second.

    Paul Carver – no update on judicial sub-committee. Struggling to get in touch with contact for

    past three months. Paul Callister has a contact who would be willing to help with advocating for

    these type of issues

    Attending DOPL meetings. Would like to add the information to the UMHCA web site so

    members know more details of when and where the meetings are. There was also a suggestion

    to Paul Carver, DOPL Board member, to rearrange the DOPL meeting agenda items to move the

    items relevant to the public to the beginning of the day. Paul said he will discuss this with the

    DOPL board.

    Argosy – Paul Carver and Paul Callister met with Louise Jorgensen. She wants us to consider

    “board meeting parity.” She invited us to have a board meeting at the Argosy campus. It is

    located right next to the Living Planet Aquarium. Board members agreed to have November 11 th

    at Argosy.

    Paul Callister has invited University of Utah, Westminster and Argosy to have a representative

    on the UMHCA Board. Paul will also request to have our board meetings at the other universities.

    Paul Callister expressed a goal of incorporating Zoom? Teleconferencing ability in order have mental health counselors from all across Utah be able to join us.

    Mini-conference discussion – very successful!!!

    Very active Q&A with the DOPL Board. Please take back to the DOPL Board our gratitude. Idea of DOPL presentation during the conference so it is not only Q&A.

    • Increase signage to help people as well as maps.
    • Also have a floorplan of where meetings are for the future.

    Gray discussed two proposals involving licensure portability. One from ACA. One from NBCC.

    ACA proposal is “aspirational.” The concrete proposal is the NBCC. Also discussed attempting to build bridges with ACA.

    Gray discussed concerns about the future alignment with ACA potentially.

    Paul Callister discussed the importance of students knowing we are the only governing body for counselors in the state and we need more counselors to join us. Conversation tabled for now but will be discussed in the future

    Strategic planning

    Reviewed what items the board voted on last month

    Most important items include increasing and managing membership, as well as strengthening the board and bringing in key players.

    Looked at the actual numbers of members in our database, as well as the amount of paid memberships, and lapsed memberships

    Host different trainings

    Why pay for CEU’s?

    Send renewal letter

    And invite to all 1700 Utah counselors

    Call for proposals

    Owen Ashton – Keynote for Saturday Middle Aged male professionals with depression and

    anxiety who don’t know they do. Will do for no cost. Entertaining and informative.

    Also discussed having non-clinician folks invited as keynote in the future

    Need to move forward with fees discussion

    Meeting adjourned at 10:32 a.m.

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