February 9 2019 - Ratified

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    February 9th 2019 Agenda

    Start: 9:11 a.m.
    End: 10:59 a.m.

      I.          Call to Order by Secretary

    II.          Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary.

    1. Welcome those in attendance through Webinar.
    2. Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance
    Governing Officers
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President
    • Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, NCC Secretary & EXEC Chair
    • Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Treasurer & GBAB Chair
    Board Members
    • Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., Education & Conference Chair
    • Terri Goldstein, ACHMC, NCC EXEC Chair
    • Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC PRMM Chair
    • Scott Carter, LCMHC, LPPC Chair
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presdential Advisor
    • Paul Callister, Past President, Graduate Student Chair
    List of Voting Members who are Absent.
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor 
    • Scott Carter, LCMHC, LPPC Chair
    Do we have a Quorum, 5 voting members in attendance? YES

    III.          Secretary - Call to Ratify Notes from January

    1. Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting notes from last month.
    2. Secretary to give the floor to the President.
    3. Meeting Called to Order
    IV.  Unfinished Business from Last Month.
    1. None

    V. Committee Updates & Votes
    1. Executive Committee
      1. New Projects or Concerns
        1. Report on Initial Meeting
      2. Update on Current Projects
        1. D & O Insurance: 1st quote $856/annually
        2. Inurements
          1. IRS document available for those interested
          2. Checking with AMHCA on the acceptability of UMHCA to pay the national membership fee for its president

          3. Banner advertising pilot

          4. Being explored: limited attorney services, monthly Peer Staffing events (hosted by GBAB/CEUs to be explored)

          5. inurements already ratified by the board, including waiving membership and conference fees for board members and committee chairs.

      3. Items for Vote
      4. Budget Changes
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)
      1. New Projects
        1. DOPL will soon require passing both the NCE and the NCMHCE for licensure.  Date of change TBD.
        2. DOPL discussing moving back to ACA code of ethics instead of AMHCA code of ethics.
      2. Update of progress.
        1. Movement in Supreme Court to legally provide CMHCs the ability to provide child custody evaluations in Utah.  Soon this topic will be added to the Supreme Court's website and be open to comments from the public for 45 days before being officially presented to the Supreme Court for ratification.
      3. Items for vote.
      4. Budget Changes
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    3.  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)
      1. New Projects.  
        1. UMHCA is now providing approval to other organizations that are providing continuing education credits.  Currently the approval is made through UMHCA's Executive Committee.
      2. Update of progress. 
        1. Annual Conference registration and conference marketing update from Jim.  Our goal, over the next month, is a social media blast and email blast promoting the conference.  
        2. We have 5 rooms booked in the Marriott Library.  The total cost is $550 (may need to add $50 for parking, waiting word from the U of U).  (Thanks to Dr. Uma Dorn for her help)
        3.  We have 25 sessions confirmed, delivered by 38 mental health therapists.  We have 7 CE hours for Ethics, 4 CE hours for suicide, and 7 CE hours for Marriage/Family, the remainder of CE hours are in the General Clinical track. 
        4. Jim has been working on the Program, which is largely complete.
        5. Ellen will file the CE application with UT-NASW this week, pending a check for $140.00 (board approved).  We will not apply to NBCC because the cost is prohibitive ($650) this year. (Note:  next year we can get ongoing provider status for $800, for which we need to have 2 prior years of documented conferences.)  Sandi is exploring CE application processes for UAMFT, but has not received responses to her inquires.  
        6. Please sign up to "host" some sessions.  Add your name to the google doc schedule in open time slots.  
        7. Jordan will coordinate with volunteers to provide snacks and beverages, as per the schedule, posted in a google doc.  
        8. Bek will coordinate lunches.  
        9. University sponsors:  We have invited the Univ of Phoenix and U of U.  Awaiting replies.   Westminster has agreed to sponsor the programs.  
        10. Reminder about the "Conference Dress Rehearsal",  for all committee members, Julie, and the PRMM on Wednesday, March 13 at 8:30 PM.  At that time we will review the procedures, roles, and schedule.  
        11. Grad student committee has agreed to coordinate the Grad Student poster sessions, held during lunch.  (Non-CE granting time slot).  We forwarded them a flyer they can use. 
      3. Items for vote.  None
      4. Budget Changes  None
      5. Suggestions from Board
    4. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)
      1. New Projects
        1. Conference Program - Need one sentence from each committee chair describing what their committee does.  Send to PRMM committee by the end of today (2/9/19).
        2. Name Tags
      2. Update of progress
        1. Financial Update for Annual conference
        2. Marketing for Annual Conference
          1. Email updates
          2. Facebook
          3. Membership Drive
      3. Items for vote 
        1. Vote to extend official meeting length from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.  Vote completed.  Motion denied.
      4. Budget Changes (none)
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    5. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)
      1. New Projects.
      2. Update of progress.
        1. UVU is still one to two years away from opening their CMHC masters program.  UVU's MFT program opens in Fall 2019.
      3. Items for vote.
      4. Budget Changes.
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB)
      1. New Projects
        1. March 1st updated "Welcome Letter"
        2. Peer review groups sanctioned by UMHCA
          1. How often? 
          2. How to get started?
          3. How to advertise?
        3. GBAB blog submission: when? 
      2. Update of progress
        1. 'Hot Topics' keep coming. 
      3. Items for vote.
        1. Motion for GBAB to create peer review groups which provide an opportunity for consulting with other clinicians and potentially providing CEUs.  Vote completed.  Motion passed.
      4. Budget Changes.
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    7. Graduate Student Committee (GSC)
      1. New Projects
      2. Update of progress
        1. Rough draft of mission statement completed.
        2. Committee goals are still being developed.
        3. This committee will present for approximately 5 minutes during the conference.
      3. Items for vote.
      4. Budget Changes.
      5. Suggestions from Board.
    VI.    Business of Governing Officers.
      1. President
      2. Secretary
        1. Mailing address and mail box: UMHCA, #305, 5442 S 900 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84117
        2. Voicemail number: (385) 240-1813

        3. Document management/Archiving history

        4. Policies & Procedures 
      3. Treasurer Report on Income and Expense
        1. Monthly 45-minute meetings set up
        2. Essential access being worked on: bank account access, Quickbooks access,  merchant account, essential information access via google drive with permissions and passwords.
        3. Plan is to use Bryce Poorman for balancing of the books, etc. 
    1. No changes to by-laws have been completed at this time.
    2. No current nominations for Committee Chairs
    3. Volunteer Updates - none.
    4. In April 2019 a discussion/vote will occur for a president elect, who will begin as president in 2020.  Committee members are encouraged to consider individuals who they would like to nominate as president elect. 

    VII. Other Potential UMHCA Issues

    1. Open to floor for discussion
    2. Any issues not already discussed above.
    VIII. Secretary to close the meeting.

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