May 11 2019 - Ratified

  • 11 May 2019 10:48 AM
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    May 11 2019 Minutes

    Start: 9:04 am
    End: 10:48 am

      I.          Call to order by Secretary

    II.          Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary.

    1. Welcome those in attendance through Webinar.
    2. Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance
    Governing Officers
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President
    • Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, Secretary & EXEC Chair
    • Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Treasurer & GBAB Chair

    Board Members

    • Scott Carter, LCMHC, LPPC Chair
    • Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, EXEC Chair,* Secretary
    • Dennis Tucker, LCSW, GBAB Chair, Treasurer
    • Julie Tucker, LCMHC, PRMM Chair, President 
      • Jim as Proxy for PRMM
    • Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair (Proxy Present)

    List of Voting Members who are Absent.

    • Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., Education & Conference Chair
    • Paul Callister, LCHMC, Past President, Graduate Student Chair
    • Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Adviser 
     Do we have a Quorum, 5 voting members in attendance? YES/NO

    III.          Secretary - Call to Ratify Notes from March

    1. Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting notes from last month.
    2. Secretary to give the floor to the President.
    3. Meeting called to order.
    IV.  Unfinished Business from Last Month.
    1. Motion for policy & procedure for managing the inurement to reimburse UMHCA board members who renew their annual membership dues through AMHCA Unified Dues: I motion for the board to implement a reimbursement policy and procedure for UMHCA board members who renew their annual membership through AMHCA Unified dues. The procedure shall be:

    1. Board member is to submit an Email request to the treasurer requesting reimburse and indicating the expiration date of the annual membership.

    2. Reimbursement will be made at the conclusion of the member's membership year.

    3. Submit to PRMM committee

    • Dennis motioned for vote
    • Scott seconded
    • moved to floor
    • Discussion
      • Dennis liked the idea of having a paper trial
    • Vote passed unanimously
    V. Committee Updates & Votes
    1. Executive Committee
      1. New projects
        1. Office space:( Recommendation) The  Executive Committee has determined and is recommending that UMHCA secure an office space. This issue will be put for a vote to approve up to $300 per month for this space.
          • Reasons for
            • stability
            • internet
            • storage (projector, microphone, speakers)
            • space for outside sources (Executive Director, etc.)
            • Prioritized Categories
              • Divided up and split into appropriate committees
              • many of the priorities have been met
              • Document Place in All Access Drive for universal access to Board Members
          • Space found in Sandy for $300 a month
        2. Attorney subscription: (Discussion) The Executive Committee is working on a new benefit for UMHCA members to partner with a law firm. We are looking at a no liability partnership that will provide subscribed members with defined legal services.
          • Concerns about liability
            • Would not be giving legal advice so there would be no liability concerns 
            • Main purpose would be for subpoenas and to protect license in such cases
            • $20 a month for access to attorney
            • Would not be a drain on UMHCA
            • Would not be "UMHCA's Attorney" yet, that would be a separate issue
            • Sheet will be written up and presented at a latter time
            • The Attorney may present at conferences
        3. Legislative and Public Policy Committee (LPPC): (Recommendation) The Executive Committee, has determined that the LPPC, which is at the forefront of UMHCA's advocacy efforts needs an expanded structure to meet the demands of this committee's scope of work. The recommendation is to establish a dual-chair structure with one chair overseeing legislative /lobbying/legal concerns and the other overseeing DOPL matters such as licensing and supervision. In addition to the dual-chair structure, the EXEC proposes a student be appointed as co-chair in keeping with other UMHCA committees. Once approved, these recommendations, and related division of responsibilities will be written into the ByLaws.
          • Co-chair would go to DOPL meeting that takes place once a month for 4 hours
          • Allows us to continue to promote UMHCA
        4. Stipends for attendees to AMHCA Annual Conference: (Recommendation) Per request of the presidential adviser, the EXEC recommends that UMHCA award a $300 stipend to Gray Otis and Sandi Williams for representing UMHCA at the annual AMHCA conference. 
          • Total of $600, $300 for each person
      2. Update of progress
        1. Liability insurance: (Outcome) Not necessary at this time.
      3. Items for vote
        1. Office Space: I motion for the board to approve up to $300 per month ($3,600 annually) for UMHCA to enter into a Lease Agreement for office space.
          • Dennis Seconded
          • Discussion:
            • stated that it is way beyond needed
          • Vote unanimous
          • Passed
        2. LPPC: I motion that the board approve a new dual-chair structure for the Legislative and Public Policy Committee (LPPC), with specific roles and responsibilities outlined in the UMHCA ByLaws.
          • Seconded
          • Discussion
            • presented next meeting if possible
            • As a dual chair would they have two votes?
              • Yes, they would each get full votes
              • For voting members present, both of these chairs would not have to be present
              • Not going to change the minimum quorum number, in that case, they would be counted as one
              • Will be taken back to committee to discuss voting for dual chairs
            • Will this be utilized with other committees?
              • It is possible, but will be tried with this one committee initially
            • Who appoints dual chair?
              • Not appointed, they would be voted in
              • Only chairs can make nominations, President is not allowed to nominate
          • Vote unanimous
        3. Stipends: I motion that the board approve a total of $600 for UMHCA to support local representation (presidential adviser, PPAC chair) at the annual AMHCA conference.
        • Seconded
        • Discussion
        • Voted unanimous
      4. Budget changes: None
      5. Suggestions from Board: None
    1. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)
      1. New projects
        1. Audience with Select Health Insurance Company
          • relevant because concerns from many clinicians was shared with them
          • good outcome with meeting, which will hopefully open new avenues for agencies (Private Practice/Clinics) to become providers with them
          • Invited back for second meeting: 11:30 am on Wednesday, May 15th
            • Three slots: Scott, Julie, and one other
              • Open to Board Members and/or attendees to Board Meeting
          • If the mental health professionals want to advance in this state, Insurance is a battle that must be fought
      2. Update of progress
      3. Items for vote
      4. Budget changes
      5. Suggestions from Board
        • Would like nominations for dual chair
          • Jordan Bricks
          • Jennifer Zeuschner (CMHC)
          • Anna Lieber
    1.  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)
      1. New projects. None
      2. Update of progress
        1. will meet on June 12th to discuss next conference
      3. Items for vote
      4. Budget changes  
      5. Suggestions from Board
    1. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)
      1. New projects
        1. Fall Mini Conference
        2. Promotion
          1. Starting on Promotion, but not ready to be brought to Board
      2. Update of progress
        1. Will have grad certificates to Paul soon
          1. President's stamp will need to be used
        2. Passwords will be posted on PRMM procedures page
          1. gotomeeting
          2. surveymonkey
        3. Training update
          1. there was going to be a recording on gotomeeting, but another option is being considered
          2. Looking at a way to store video and other information/data
            1. youtube
            2. GoogleDrive
      3. Items for vote - NONE
      4. Budget changes - NONE
      5. Suggestions from Board
    2. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)
      1. New projects
      2. Update of progress
        1. Keeping tabs on AMHCA
        2. Looking for social worker to do something for social worker license
          • Would like a Social Worker on the committee as a Liaison for the Social Worker Committee
          • Dennis will probably not be the best choice as he is spread thin with other committees
      3. Items for vote
      4. Budget changes
      5. Suggestions from Board
        • Best way to get knew people for committees is to have a regularly scheduled meeting
        • Would like progress/updates/projects to be put on Agenda
          • will have training posted for it soon
        • May want to try rubbing elbows with Social Workers during conference
          • Social Workers are a major portion of mental health licenses and may benefit UMHCA
    3. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB)
      1. New projects
        1. New Welcome Letter – to be done next GBAB meeting
        2. Online forums for CEUs - as we're getting used to GoToMeeting this will become more likely
        3. Peer Consultation groups- the first one was had on Thursday, May 9th. 
        4. Indemnification from PRMM
          1. Potential content was sent out
      2. Update of progress 
        1. Peer Consultation Group: 
          1. In total 8 people responded to the interest survey, one on May 8th.
          2. A recurring date and time was set up, 2nd Thursday of each month, from 6:30 to 8 pm, conference room @ 9192 S. 300 W., Sandy UT.
          3.  The room was reserved and schedules 
          4. Text reminder was sent out. Various people expressed interest but couldn't attend. 
          5. GoToMeeting was set up and established.

          6. The meeting was held. Terri and Dennis attended the conference room. Two other attended via GoToMeeting: Jodi from Chicago and Lewis, who physically attempted but went to the wrong address, later joining by GTM. The agenda was set and followed. Introductions were made. ACA's Practitioner's Guide to Ethical Decision Making will be the ethical model used by the group. Three cases were presented, by Jodi, Dennis, and Lewis. 

          7. Things to do next time: Have a sign out front, use the correct address,

      3. Items for vote
        1. None
      4. Budget changes
        1. None currently, though treats for peer consultation groups may require budget consideration.
      5. Suggestions from Board -  
    4. Graduate Student Committee (GSC)
      1. New projects
        1. UVU is starting a CMHC Program
        2. preparing to visit schools in the Fall
      2. Update of progress
      3. Items for vote
      4. Budget changes
      5. Suggestions from Board
    VI.   Business of Governing Officers
    1. President
      1. President-elect (Discussion)
        • Candidates
          • Ellen Behrens 
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer - 
      1. Profit & Loss for April: Income - $107.89; Expenses - $1,046.94. Many of those were from the prior month but not removed till this. 
      2. Profit & Loss for Jan. to Apr: Income - $18, 070.22; Expenses - $10,181.46. Net Income - $7,888.76 
    4. Changes done to by-laws
    5. Nomination for Committee Chairs
      1. Nomination for LPPC Dual Chair
    6. Volunteer updates

    VII. Other Potential UMHCA Issues

    1. Open to floor for discussion
    2. Any issues not already discussed above
    VIII. Secretary to close the meeting.

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