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    Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

    March, 2020

    Board Meeting Agenda

    Start: 9:00

    End: 10:30


     I.  Call to Order by Secretary

    II.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

    1.     Welcome those in attendance through Webinar.

    2.     Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance

    Governing Officers

    ·        Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President

    ·        Scott Carter, LCMHC, Vice President

    ·        Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, Secretary

    ·        Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Treasurer

    Board Members PRESENT is underlined+

    1.     Ellen Behrens, Phd, EACC Chair                                                                

    2.     Jordan Briggs, ACMHC, LPPC Chair      

    3.     Scott Carter, LCMHC, Vice President                                                     

    4.     Carrie Graham, ACMHC, EACC Dual Chair                                                

    5.     Anna Lieber, Graduate StudentChair                                                       

    6.      Terri Goldstein, ACHMC, EXEC Chair                                                          

    7.     Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presdential Advisor

    8.     Dennis Tucker, LCSW

    9.      Julie Tucker, LCMHC, PRMM Chair 

    10.  Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair                                                                       

    List of Voting Members who are Absent

    Quorum Present

    III.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Notes from January

    1.     Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting notes from last month – Minutes were ratified

    2.     Secretary to give the floor to the President.

    3.     Meeting Called to Order

    IV.  Special Announcements by the President 

    1.  Upcoming Board Meetings to be held by webinar

    2.  Annual Conference – Ellen – conference has been officially cancelled. We will receive a full refund by UCCC. There is an opening on July 31, but that is during vacation time. Ellen has had difficulty finding sites in August as conference sites are busy. In lieu of the fall conference Ellen discussed offering 2 CEU webinar events with 2 CEUs on suicide and ethics. Discussed the learning curve involved with offering virtual CEU events. The only $ lost was the DOPL mailing list and postcard mailing $890.00. However, we will not need to repurchase the DOPL list for the same conference.

    3.  Ellen will draft an email and post to the website today and Jim will email all UMHCA and refund all purchased tickets

    4.  Sandi will draft email to vendors and Jim will email and refund for vendors

    5.  Dennis – 10-15 people purchased conference + membership = plan revoke everything and let members know that they can reapply for membership

    6.  Ellen – plan sit tight on booking anything – and will revisit in next 2-3 weeks  

    V. Committee Updates & Votes

    1.     Executive Committee (EXEC)

    1. New Projects

    1.     Gray alert the EXEC about the Annual Report. Annual Report was submitted. – Gray explained the purpose of the report. Terri will put annual report in the board meeting minutes and will email to everyone.

    1. Update of progress: 

    1.     Revisited UMHCA representation at the AMHCA Annual meeting in June. Gray will contact AMHCA to request that they extend the early bird to  UMHCA.

    2.     Revisit previous vote of 8/2019 to clarify:  UMHCA will sponsor the conference registration for members of the EXEC to attend the AMHCA Annual Meeting in June. up to $1500.00 – question to extend to board? discussed it was a leadership issue – Gray clarified in the past $300.00 per person attending the conference. There is also the issue that AMHCA is currently looking at postponing the June meeting. Julie clarified the past motion that up to $300.00 stipend per person attending both leadership and conference. MOTION: Board allocate $300.00 per UMHCA board/exec member for attendance to AMHCA – motion passed. Clarification – reimbursement will only occur once we have ensured the conference is going ahead. Once that is confirmed send receipt to Dennis or Bryce – board members must have purchased conference registration by March 14, 2020 to be eligible for reimbursement.


    1. Jim looking into online storage for webinars and recordings – and cost for additional online storage.

    4.     Gray reported on the cross-disciplinary supervisor criteria, training, and potential certification. Also discussed offering such training in full at the Fall conference.  Gray is working with Ellen on 6 hour training program along with NASW for supervisors. Gray is looking for an additional CMHC or counselor educator to join the committee to assist with presenting the conference. The plan is to also include it in an online/recording training. Need an additional person who good presentation skills and good supervisory experience/training. Gray/Ellen looking for an elevated level of expertise/experience and possibly a Ph.D. counselor educator interested in presenting and joining the group.

    5.     SIDE NOTE: The AMHCA book Essentials of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Profession is published and Gray was involved with the development and Jim M completed the cover design for the book. Julie recommended that we put the book as a banner on the UMHCA website

    1. Julie – huge thank you to everyone – as UMHCA becomes more professional.

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1.     New Projects

    1. Email Sen Weiler to thank him for work on SB 68 – SB 68 was passed, waiting to be signed.
    2. Getting in touch with other Legislative Committees through LMFT, LCSW's, etc. – start with UMFT to collaborate.
    3. Committee sign-up sheet for annual conference

    2.     Update of progress

    1. SB 68 passed
    2. Ellen reported that the bill to increase MH funding and BHWW has passed with some modifications. Funding would be for new MSW students, but the tax/student loan break will be for all MH disciplines.  – Julie: need to notify all UMHCA members of the new legislation and Jordan to email Jim everything the LPPC is doing.
    3. DOPL Meeting March 11 UMHCA wasn’t able to attend, but Jordan will be listening to the meeting today.

    3.     Items for vote

    4.     Budget Changes

    5.     Suggestions from Board

    3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC) Update of progress  in board

    ·  New Projects  None

    ·  Update of progress 

     The March 27 Annual Conference was cancelled, due to COVID-19. We will refund all registration fees and vendor table fees and reschedule the Annual Conference to August 2020.  In the intervening months the committee will offer up to 4 hours of live streamed CEs (2 hour ethics, 2 hours suicide).

    As background:

    - The $890 spent on conference mailings will be the only expenses that we will not recoup.

    - We considered cancelling the in person conference and instead recording and posting sessions online.  However, I contacted DOPL to ask if they would consider recorded online sessions as "in person" CEs and they said no.  

    -We hope that live streamed webinars (1-2 hours each) will enable us to recoup our financial loss and will enable registrants to obtain their essential credits well in advance of license renewal in September.  

    -The rescheduled Annual conference will also occur before license renewal, so that participants can still earn all credits in time.  We will announce a rescheduled date ASAP so that registrants know they can still obtain credits in time.  

    ·  We discussed the idea of live-streaming the conference on March 27, but agreed that we aren't equipped to live stream 4 concurrent sessions and would need to hire that out, which is likely quite expensive and not feasible at this late date.  

    ·  Items for vote - None

    ·  Budget Changes - None

    ·  Suggestions from Board - Ellen and Jim will email registrants and post an announcement on the website today.  Sandi will contact vendors. 

    4. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)

    1.     New Projects – PRMM focus on refunding conference/vendor registration.

    2.     Update of progress

    3.     Items for vote

    4.     Budget Changes

    5.     Suggestions from Board

    5. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

    1.     New Projects – Working on conference – Sandi did a huge thank you to everyone for helping out. Will continue to work on coordinating vendors for the conference as soon as date is secured.

    2.     Update of progress

    3.     Items for vote

    4.     Budget Changes

    5.     Suggestions from Board

    6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) - HOLD

    7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

    1.     New Projects

    2.     Update of progress –

    1. Upcoming DOPL training for new graduates and emerging professional on April 16th - will move to online platform and contact Paul Carver to ensure he is still comfortable. 
    2. Contact with schools will be online also.

    3.     Items for vote - none 

    4.     Budget Changes. - none 

    5.     Suggestions from Board

    8. Business of Governing Officers

    1.     President  -

    1. Request – limit contact and have all committee meetings via webinar and not face to face. –
    2. Usually every March there is a reset where the executive committee is let go and then reinstated in April. – Currently opening for Vice President – and it is open to apply for current exec position – email if interested in an open position.

    2.     President-elect – thank you

    3.     Vice President  - not present

    4.     Secretary reminder to register for meetings on the umhca website – attendance of board meetings also qualifies for up to 6 CEUs annually. discussion about making the CEU retroactive for 2018. Motion: retro 2018 CEU’s will be created. Motion passed.

    1. Engagement in UMHCA for students also count toward indirect hours.

    5.     Treasurer Report Current as of this morning and #s will change after refunds.

    1.     Zion's checking: $32,338.84

    2.     Zion's money market: $1,623.40

    3.     Zion's PayPal: $3,226.21

    VII. Other Issues

    1.     Open to floor for discussion

    2.     Any issues not already discussed above

    VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting  10:30


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