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    Anne Farley (Administrator)

    Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

    August 8, 2020

    Board Meeting


    Start: 9:03

    End: 9:54


     I.  Call to Order by Secretary

    II.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

    1.      Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar.

    2.      Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance

    Governing Officers

    ·         Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President

    ·         Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, Secretary

    ·         Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President

    Board Members PRESENT are underlined+ These should be in alphabetical order

    1.      Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., EACC Chair                                                                

    2.      Jordan Briggs, ACMHC, LPPC Chair      

    3.      Carrie Graham, ACMHC, EACC Dual Chair                                                

    4.      Anna Lieber, President-Elect, Graduate Student Chair    

    5.      Terri Goldstein, ACHMC, EXEC Chair                                                          

    6.      Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

    7.      Bryce Poorman, ACMHC, Treasurer

    8.      Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President   

    9.      Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President,

    10.  Jim Macedone, ACMHC, PRMM Chair 

    11.  Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair 

    List of Voting Members who are Absent

    Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair

    Jim Macedone, ACMHC, PRMM Chair

    Quorum Present

    III.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Minutes

    1.      Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting Minutes from July 2020 – Minutes were ratified, Anna called for the vote, the motion was passed unanimously.

    2.      Secretary to give the floor to the President and the President Elect.

    3.      Meeting Called to Order

    IV.  Special Announcements by the President 

    • 1.      Julie is back from her furlough, she is doing well.

    V. Committee Updates & Votes

    1.      Executive Committee (EXEC)

    1. New Projects: None
    2. Update of Progress
      1. Anna updated the committee on the strategic planning meeting and suggestions were made to split the meeting to two separate meetings as it was decided that 5 hours for one meeting would be too long.
      2. Anna also sent out a doodle poll recently to get feedback on dates that could work.  Updates to the strategic planning forum have been made.
      3. The Strategic planning forum has had good response, if people want to add their voice, they need to log onto and search for Strategic Plan where they can share their ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
      4. We talked about the internet marketing business sponsorship, it had been discussed with Jim, Terri, and Anna, the decision was made to discuss this further during the Strategic planning meeting. The goal is to create some revenue streams within the guidelines of the 501-C6.  
      5. We also discussed One AMHCA, we received a video from AMHCA and will need to be discussed at another board meeting. Gray Otis discussed that Bryce Poorman has shown interest in representing UMHCA at One AMHCA, Terri stated that the Executive committee had not been prepared to talk about this at the time, so this business would be out of order. Terri proposes taking up with this through email and broadening it out to all members. Julie Tucker suggests putting Bryce in the position for interim to avoid losing traction. Gray says the upcoming meeting is this coming Friday, and the chair of the taskforce pled with him to have someone representing UMHCA, so we need someone in the position before this Friday. Utah needs a representative; Gray represents the staff of AMHCA and doesn’t represent Utah. Julie acknowledges that this business is out of order, but that we need to continue forward and strongly encourages that we put this to a vote.
    3. Items for vote: Gray Otis puts forward the motion to have Bryce Poorman be the interim representative from UMHCA for One AMHCA; the motion passed, but with 1 opposition, which will be discussed further.
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1. New Projects: None
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. We didn’t meet last month, a template email was completed and it will be circulated to the committee; it will be sent to 20 or so representative/legislators to see if we can have a response from them as well as to have them join a meeting or have a zoom meeting with them.
      2. We are working on website revisions
      3. S.B. 785: The veterans administration (VA) was asking us to sign on to a letter of support for this bill; we partnered with them. The bill proposes to change the law for standards and training for those who serve the veterans communities associated with the VA. There was some opposition to this originally due to the VA excluding CMHCs for a while. Gray shared that the Bill has passed in the senate and it assured to be passed in the house.  Jordan further discusses that it will require mental health counseling hiring and a report to increase hiring and a directive to create an occupational series. Gray Otis stated that one of the big things is that the VA is required to report on the hiring of LMFTs and CMHCs; the occupational series is a recognition from the federal government that recognizes CMHCs as a profession that can provide mental health services for the VA.
      4. Update on Medicaid Bill, it was talked about in a committee, but not included in the markup of the bills sent to the floor. Changes to the language of the bill will be made, but there was no specific opposition to the bill. There will be another committee meeting in September in the Energy and Commerce Committee in the House, nationally, and we hope it will be included then. UMHCA is hoping to have members contact legislators for that bill, Utah does not have representatives on that bill, so we will reach out to help push that bill through.
    3. Items for vote: None
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None.

    3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC)

    1. New Projects: None
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. Our committee meets on 2nd Wednesdays of each month, it will be this coming week.
      2. Update for: Summer series session, update given by Carrie. Dr. Janine Wanlass gave a great first session on Supervision through Telehealth. Carrie is moderating all 5 sessions of the summer series.
        1. Carrie stated that there were a few tech issues, but it went well.
        2.  We had about 80 attendees on the first session. There were no big issues, and we think it will be something we can really do going forward. Once COVID is over, we should continue this.
        3. Dennis asked what format was used, Carrie responded that we used GoToWebinar; audience is not allowed to share camera’s, and they are looking for solutions. Overall, it went well and very smoothly. Julie states it is a group effort that has been so incredible. Ellen shares that Carrie is so great as a moderator, poised, and effective at managing the process. There are a lot of logistics involved in the process.
        4. We need to look at sustainability, and it raised about $7000.00 with no overhead, so this is something we should look into this further.  Terri stated it was done well, it was great.
        5. Terri asks the question if there was a survey at the end of the webinar? Jim has a new platform that he created a new survey, he has not responded yet to sending out the survey; Carrie does confirm that we do have a survey, it just hasn’t been sent yet.
      3. CE approval for LMFTs, CMHCs, & LCSWs for in person presentation, and once posted online, we have additional approval for the recorded session.
      4. Long term revenue source that will award CEs.
    3. Items for vote: None
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None.

    4. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)

    1. New Projects: None
    2. Update of Progress: None
    3. Items for vote: None
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None.

    5. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

    1.      New Projects: None

    2.      Update of Progress:

    1.      Gray spoke with Sandi yesterday, states the biggest thing is that we continue to work with the NASW Utah Representatives Supervision package for supervision training and certification.

    2.      Ellen has led this along with Jan and Anna, putting together an extensive 6 hour training outline.

    1.      Ellen reports that we are working with Christina Ziddell and the new executive director Utah NASW, and the interim president and a group of  LCSW folks from NASW Utah, they have posted the outline in google doc forms, so that we can made comments and edit in the next weeks before the upcoming meeting. The target is to record in the Fall. The goal is divvy up the sections to be a group effort.

    2.      Gray states that the representatives from NASW Utah has seen the agenda and were pleased with it. Gray adds that there is some administration associated with this to develop some type of examination and certification process, a discussion on whether we do this independently or together. NASW Utah have offered to share a computer program to make it a unified certification process that will keep things together to meet the needs of both LCSWs and LCMHCs.

    1.      Julie states that she thinks it will be great if they can make the tests unified.

    3.       Ellen states they are not clear when DOPL intends to put the new rule in place that would require a supervisor to have 6 hours of continuing education and certification.

    1.      Gray states that he has spoken with Ken Roach who has been active on our CMHC DOPL board. He has not seen anything about the implementation for the requirement for training or certification on DOPL’s side to move forward with this particular initiative.

    2.      Gray recommends that we follow up with the DOPL board, ourselves, and the LCSWs.

    4.      Gray also states that they are moving forward with AMHCA’s code of ethics, it will not go to public discussion. Julie suggests that Jordan makes sure that someone from the Legislative committee attends the DOPL meetings.

    3.      Items for vote: None

    4.      Budget Changes: None

    5.      Suggestions from Board: It was suggested that we follow up on the initiative for DOPL to require 6 hours of CEU and Training for Supervisors.  

    6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) – HOLD

    7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

    1.      New Projects: None

    2.      Update of Progress:

    1.      Our next meeting is August 26th, we have been on hold, waiting for school to get started. We are reaching out to the local schools and the internet-based schools.

    2.      We do have a plan for Sept 2020 – we are starting a series for students. We have 4 to 5 webinars planned, the first will be Marie from Cornerstone will present in September (How to get the most out of supervision); ongoing plans for more webinars that are student focused.

    3.      Items for vote: None

    4.      Budget Changes: None

    5.      Suggestions from Board: None.


    8. Business of Governing Officers

    1.      President  - Julie expresses her gratitude for keeping everything going.

    2.      President-elect –  Anna expresses this has been a great educating experience, the strategic planning is coming up and she is excited to move forward with that.

    3.      Vice President  -  Dennis is happy to be here, impressed with the forum and proposes a question concerning if we even need a physical office space. Julie states we do; Dennis has nothing more to add.

    4.      Secretary – Terri acknowledges a lot of help from others, we’ve worked on the google drive, moved all records to the google suite; there are separate drives for each committee. Terri reminds everyone to RSVP to meetings, and asks if anyone knows how to raise their hand in the GoTo Meeting forum. Anna suggests that ‘raising hand’ may be an option only on GoTo Webinar.

    5.      Treasurer Report: Bryce just installed the new QuickBooks.

    As of August 7, 2020:

    1.      Zion's checking: $17,614.70

    2.      Zion's money market: $1,623.56

    3.      Zion's PayPal: $1,506.86

    4.      Total:  20,745.12

    July Money in: $5,854.00

    July Money out: $944.40

    Net: $4909.60

    Since Jan 1 2020:

    Money in: $26,766.00

    Money out: $28,097.94

    Net: -$1,331.94

    VII. Other Issues

    1.      Open to floor for discussion

    1. Bryce makes a motion to pay rent for a year in advance. Julie acknowledges motion for paying rent in advance and asks if there is anyone who seconds the motion. Dennis seconds the motion. Julie calls for a vote on the motion (suggested by Bryce) that UMHCA pay the office space rent a year in advance. Motion passes.
      1.  Bryce asks if we really need a space; Julie states that we have a lot of expensive equipment and that we really need the space. Dennis states we are using the space for storage and also for a mailbox, and Julie states that Bryce is using QuickBooks on a computer that will remain in the office, therefore the space is necessary. Julie agrees paying a year in advance at $343.00 per month, will be beneficial. Terri states that she and Anna met 2 weeks ago and that it is good to have that space. The space is open to use for meetings and committee business.
    2. Jordan proposes creating a Board Meeting Link to be sent out so that Jim doesn’t have to generate a new link every month. Jordan has created a link and emailed it out to the Board. The link is to be saved and the board recommends notifying Jim.

    2.      Any issues not already discussed above

    VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting: Meeting is called to an end at 9:54.

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