Board Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2020

  • 27 Sep 2020 11:16 PM
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    Anne Farley (Administrator)

    Utah Mental Health Counselors Association

    September 12, 2020

    Board Meeting


    Start: 9:05 am

    End: 10:07am


     I.  Call to Order by Secretary.

    II.  Welcome to ALL in attendance By Secretary

    1.      Welcome to those in attendance through Webinar.

    2.      Recognition of ALL Board members in attendance

    Governing Officers

    ·         Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President

    ·         Terri Goldstein, ACMHC, Secretary

    ·         Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President

    Board Members PRESENT are underlined+ These should be in alphabetical order

    1.      Ellen Behrens, Ph.D., EACC Chair 

    2.      Jordan Briggs, ACMHC, LPPC Chair

    3.      Carrie Graham, ACMHC, EACC Dual Chair

    4.      Anna Lieber, President-Elect, Graduate Student Chair

    5.      Terri Goldstein, ACHMC, EXEC Chair 

    6.      Gray Otis, LCMHC, Presidential Advisor

    7.      Bryce Poorman, ACMHC, Treasurer

    8.      Dennis Tucker, LCSW, Vice President   

    9.      Julie Tucker, LCMHC, President, PRMM Chair 

    10.  Sandi Williams, LMFT, PPAC Chair 

    List of Voting Members who are Absent

    Quorum Present

    III.  Secretary - Call to Ratify Minutes

    1.      Secretary to call for motion to ratify meeting Minutes from August 2020 – of UMHCA, Anna Lieber has seconded it, and the motion carries.

    2.      Secretary to give the floor to the President Elect.

    3.      Meeting Called to Order

    IV.  Special Announcements by the President 

    1.      At the conclusion of this meeting there will be a 20-minute break and then Anna will send an email that has a link to Zoom for the Strategic Planning Meeting.  Anna gives the floor back to Terri.

    V. Committee Updates & Votes

    1.      Executive Committee (EXEC)

      1. New Projects:
        1. Internet Marketing/Business sponsorship/partnership: Will be a focus of the UMHCA Strategic Planning Session.
        2. One AMHCA: Pertains to changes in the membership structure between AMHCA and State Affiliates. Bryce is participating on the One AMHCA committee. Consensus is that UMHCA would not want to be absent from the pilot group, but more information is needed. Gray also mentioned that a third idea that could be an option, which he will take to AMHCA leadership. Gray has also informed us that there are other talks behind the scenes to improve the national office affiliate communication and membership and the whole one AMHCA plan, the only thing the executive committee is saying is that if One AMHCA is moving forward we wouldn’t want to miss out, but at this point we aren’t signing onto a theoretical stuff. Anna adds clarity that they are currently piloting it, but we don’t want to be a pilot. At this point unless we learn more information is what has been decided.
          1. No complete update on Membership Management System, a shared database process between state affiliates and AMHCA.
          2. UMHCA much research how many UMHCA members are AMHCA members, and are members of UMHCA or unified members.
          3. Gray states we must get a solid proposal from One AMHCA.
          4. One AMHCA will not be addressed at the Strategic Planning Meeting.
        3. Terri reports that the Utah Mental Health Workforce Group and Report Committee, which is a committee that evaluates a survey that focuses on mental health, has asked for someone from UMHCA to serve on the committee. Terri has volunteered to serve, unsure when they start, but the project will last 6 months, if anyone is interested in this, please reach out. 
        4. Terri discusses that Gray has stated it would be wonderful to get as many UMHCA members involved in the AMHCA committees who take students. The only requirement is the desire to serve. Gray is a resource if anyone has any questions on the AMHCA committees.
        5. Gray also discussed needing someone to replace him on AMHCA over the next several years. Commitment is about two hours a week and representative must be a AMHCA member. It is about the desire to contribute, not the expertise. AMHCA is looking for other committee members.
        6. Terri discusses a conversation to continue relationships with past leaders, which we’ve already been doing for the past several years.  The presidential post-commitment was mentioned, but tabled.
        7. Terri states that they discussed if CACREP could recognize AMHCA and other ethical guidelines.  Gray mentions that he has spoken with Joel Miller to bring this up with CACREP at the next meeting. Gray will follow up with him.
    1. Update of Progress
      1. DOPL Board has officially adopted the AMHCA Code of Ethics.
    2. Items for vote: Carrie Graham will be nominated as the chair of the Graduate School Committee.
    3. Budget Changes: None
    4. Suggestions from Board: None.

    2. Legislative & Public Policy Committee. (LPPC)

    1. New Projects:
      1. Jordan discusses the movement by the Physicians Assistants of Utah seeking CMHC licensure, they put together some requirements to become CMHCS, Jordan can email out details, essentially they do their schooling and then do a post-graduate certification in clinical mental health for 3000 hrs. .  They are going to a business and labor interim committee on September 15, 2020 to talk about this, they have a sponsor to put a bill forward for them.  Gray has consulted with them a year and a half ago on the requirements. Gray wants to clarify that they want to be a psychiatric physician assistants with the additional training and 4000 hours of post graduate experience related to mental health counseling, DSM diagnosis, etc… Jordan is planning on attending that meeting.  The Utah Medical Association doesn’t want them to move forward until they consult more with them. Anna asks if this is an effort to become independent practitioners, like APRN’s? Gray responds that yes, they will become mental health therapists. Anna clarifies that they could practice without MD oversight, Gray responds that he is not sure, Jordan states they must be supervised by a psychiatrist during their hours. Sara stated that APRN’s have to have some type of supervision, Anna clarifies that they are independent and do not require supervision in Utah. Gray states he will clarify if they have to work under the license of an MD. Ellen inquires about the scope of practice include mental health therapy or will it be limited to prescription privileges, diagnosis, and such?  Gray responds that they will include mental health therapist, they are asking to do the whole realm of mental health therapy and have the benefit of prescription authority. Gray believes it will still have to be under the direction of a doctor.
      2. Sara Jensen and Jordan spoke about improving access to multicultural resources, they discussed having something on the website where people can access resources that details information on additional training and multicultural opportunities, newsletters, current protests and legislation, etc. Are we free to post this on the website? Anna wants to clarify that posting access to multicultural resources and things like that or new article that are coming out on research. Jordan responds that specifics weren’t discussed, just more of a general hub where people can get more education and get more involved in the legislative and advocacy pieces. Sara was also thinking about anti-racist efforts, there are lot of trainings right now for play therapists and multicultural , IPI is doing something, having a space for different readings, podcasts, collect resource to do our own work.  Ellen wonders if this is an initiative that touches on the mission and work of other committees that could be a joint effort.  She can see how it overlaps with goals of the education/conference and PRMM Committees.  Ellen would like to support it however she can. Terri proposes that it may be a useful conversation during the strategic planning committee.
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. We finalized a template letter and we will be reaching out to legislatures to increase involvement and presence with UMHCA. 
      2. SB 23 passed, DOPL is currently creating a list based on green, yellow, and red that signifies if the different state requirements match up with Utah’s requirements for licensure.  Jim asks for a paragraph or two that could be sent out to the membership.
    3. Items for vote: None.
    4. Budget Changes:  None
    5. Suggestions from Board: Request to type up a paragraph  

    3  Education & Conference Committee (EACC) Update of progress  in board

    1. New Projects
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. Ellen discussed the successful “Summer Series” many thanks to Jim and Carrie who hosted, administered, and managed and did it beautifully. It was a success and thank you for sending along the data that I’m including in the report. We had a 151 registrants and 122 attendants in one or all of the sessions. 81% for total attendance rate, which is good. Engagement was believed to be good, there is strong interest in OnDemand viewing, there is a steady interest. When you add the registration and memberships that were added from the Summer Series, UMHCA earned $8,800.00 from the events, with earnings expected to continue. Feedback was favorable, based on conversations that the content was viewed as relevant, low cost compelling, the focus one ethics, and presenters were effective. Minor concerns around technology issues for the next time. We wondered about the possibility of continuing this, quarterly sessions during a lunch hour and recorded. Carrie added that it was a success and would love to continue with this going forward. Jim added that it would be easier on Carrie and Himself if there were more space between sessions, maybe once a month instead of once a week.  If it was marketed as a series, as a stand-alone thing. Julie has concerns around sustainability and may need to rethink or brainstorm options for sustainability. Jim is more worried about that it could have automated itself, and Jim stated that the workload could have been set up in an easier manner. Julie wants to be sure that whatever we start that we can sustain it.  Jim hopes that we can continue it as it was a success. Ellen will look into sustainability, possibly 4-5 hours a week was spent. Julie offered that one solution would be to possibly pay someone to handle the bulk of the work, we can’t pay board members, but we could pay or hire them as a consultant, which is an option as we grow. Ellen states that she has an ongoing initiative that also generates revenue in the approval of continuing education seminars where applications that other agencies send to us they want UMHCA approval for CMHC and ACMHC’s, we’ve done 14 CEU’s this year, and its growing and will probably be a regular source of income. Anna thanks Ellen and confirms there are no items for vote.
    3. Items for vote: None
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None

    4. Public Relations, Marketing & Membership Committee (PRMM)

    1. New Projects: None.
    2. Update of Progress:
      1. We have not had a committee meeting yet; we voted the previous month to look at Survey Monkey to see if there is a cheaper and better way to get feedback from attendees.  We got Whisk Forms, which worked well, but I was getting an email for every time someone completes a quiz.  The training page has videos, which are only accessible on our website, but housed in YouTube. It’s been very popular, and Jim is thinking of adding a link on the homepage due to request. Jim is grateful that Bryce has jumped on the One AMHCA committee and hasn’t had time to devote towards One AMHCA.
    3. Items for vote: None
    4. Budget Changes: None
    5. Suggestions from Board: None.

    5. Professional Partnership & Associate Partnership Committee (PPAC)

    1.      New Projects: None.

    2.      Update of Progress:

    1.      Sandi is excited to get an introduction to the leaders of U of U, who recently got a large sum of money to start a new behavioral hospital.  The head of UNI knows nothing about UMHCA and is interested in a possible partnership; do we have a partnership option? Where they could put their logo on their website or participate in a conference to give them time to share what they are doing. I know they could be a vendor. The director of UNI wants to know what the outside view of UNI is from organizations like UMHCA.  Julie wants to know when they are planning on meeting.  Sandi stated she is delaying meeting until she reached out in the meeting today, but within the next few weeks. The education committee  as far as what UMHCA wants to do for sponsorship and the other is to the PRMM Committee, and would we have time in two weeks to get Sandi information? Jim responds yes. Ellen…EACC and the question is do we have time in the next few weeks so prepare information for Sandi’s meeting . Ellen is aware that the EACC Committee is overworked and suggests that maybe this conversation could be woven into the strategic planning meeting later today. Terri shares that this is topic is part of the strategic planning meeting. Julie shares that we will have information for Sandi after the strategic planning meeting.  Sandi will be unable to attend, so please update on her what is decided. Gray proposes that Ellen give us an update on the NASW collaboration.

    • 2.      Ellen gives an update with NASW to move the 6 hour online supervisor training forward, everything is underway and that by October we are getting ready to divvy up trainings and start recording. They are finding skilled experts on topics.  Collaborative process has been enriching and Gray and Anna are asked if they want to add anything to this, Anna agrees it has been enriching.  

    3.      Items for vote: None

    4.      Budget Changes: None

    5.      Suggestions from Board: None.

    6. General Board & Advisory Board Committee (GBAB) - HOLD

    7. Graduate Student & Emerging Professionals Committee (GSEP)

    1.      New Projects: None

    2.      Update of Progress:

    1.       Anna reports no change from last meeting, we are still working on the student specific series, around the end of September, beginning of October on supervision , then move forward with schools and online schools..

    3.      Items for vote: Anna motions that Carrie Graham becomes the GSEP Chair, so that Anna can focus on Presidential duties.  Jim Macedone seconds, the motion approved. Effective September 12, 2020, Caroline Graham will be the new chair of the GSEP Committee. Vote was called for, Motion passed, and Anna asked if any discussion is needed, no discussion needed.

    4.      Budget Changes: None

    5.      Suggestions from Board: None.

    8. Business of Governing Officers

    1.      President  - Julie thanks everyone for the meal that was sent to them and gave update on the health of her family. She is appreciative of all the support.

    2.      President-elect –  Anna gives a reminder that we will be getting an email with a link to the Zoom meeting for the Strategic Planning Meeting.

    3.      Vice President  - Julie states that Dennis will attend the Strategic Planning Meeting, apologies for not being at this meeting.

    4.      Secretary – Terri encourages everyone to fill in the agenda before the meeting, reminder around where documents are needed so that every email has their own drive, if questions, reach out to Jim, Anna, Terri, or Anne so that you know where your documents are.

    5.      Treasurer Report: We paid one year worth of rent for August’s expenses.

    1.      Zion's checking: 14514.82

    2.      Zion's money market: 1623.59

    3.      Zion's PayPal: 1512.39

    4.      August’s Revenue: 4130.90

    5.      August’s Expense: 6219.75

    6.      August Net: -2088.85

    VII. Other Issues

    1.      Open to floor for discussion

    1. Jordan suggests recording board meetings to post online. Julie states we have been working on this for a while, we’ve been waiting for committees and the board to catch. Julie feels it needs a vote and could be voted next meeting or even addressed in the Strategic Planning Meeting later today.

    2.      Any issues not already discussed above

    Anna makes a motion to close the meeting, Jordan seconds it, Anna acknowledges Sara Jensen and Sarah Snedaker. Meeting is officially closed at 10:07

    VIII. Secretary to Close the meeting: 10:07 

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